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Happy Patch Day!

Posted on: October 13, 2010

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Happy Patch Day everyone!

Still working  loremaster. Finally completed Kalimdor, so a write up on that soon. One zone away on Outland, but I’m saving my favourite place (Netherstorm) for last. Currently working through Northrend.

Currently unable to do much until my UI add on is updated for the patch (LunarSphere), but I have a bit to say about the new talents, spells, abilities, and everything else… but not until I’ve had a few more hours of sleep.

Catch everyone later! ^_^


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  • Sprink: @Veng I still have to do the other side of the centaur, and I just stepped foot into Silithis, so I feel like I'm pretty much right on track for Kali
  • Tam: Wow, congratulations. I am far too lazy for this kind of thing - but I love the Darrowshire questline, it's beautiful. And, not being on a PvP server
  • Markus: Good luck! I think I am about 200 quests from completing the Kalimdor portion. Going back to Desolace for those quests just makes me want to hurl.

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