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When a Troll Loves a Blood Elf

Posted on: April 28, 2010

No, Sprink hasn’t found herself a new Troll to love. However, someone else has…

It’s the little things in games that always make me smile. Sure, I like the big, flashy things, too, but the attention to detail, and the cute little things that are totally worth either continuing playing the game, or replaying the game.

For the most part, NPCs in WoW don’t really talk to anyone but you, or the person you’re standing next to. At least, that’s been my experience. Anyone can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. ^_^

But let me tell you a story. It’s a story about a Troll and a Blood Elf. This troll, you see, he’s in love. Maybe it’s her stylish brownish-red hair, or the glow in her eyes, or maybe even those long, flowing… ears. Either way, he’s got it, and he’s got it bad. He’s got a good in, sorta; they work together. At least, they work right next to each other, selling their wares to passing travelers. He’s obviously the roguish sort, peddling herbs and vials (and poisons, too, to those who know how to ask). She is far more interested in the magical arts, perhaps a mage? That doesn’t stop him, though.

Every day this Troll looks over and thinks to himself that today is the day. Finally, after a long time of saving up enough courage to talk to this beautiful woman, he approaches her. In his hand, a fresh-picked rose is the single point of colour in the snowy scene that is Dragonblight. He’s totally suave as he offers a rose to ‘his rose.’ Her response is, well, less than flattering. The Troll grumbles as he goes back to his rug to assist a customer. He is, however, not dissuaded from his task. He takes her calling out that she’s already taken, and that she wouldn’t talk to him if he was the last Troll in Azeroth as her playing hard to get. He’s seen her type before. Blood Elves are always worried about keeping up appearances. He tells her not to be shy, that there’s a fire between them. (Sprink would like to point out that there is, sorta, an actual fire between them and a little to the front.) Again, the lady doth protest too much, and he calls her on her developing crush. She can say whatever she wants at this point, Zebu’tan knows he’s breaking her down, and it’s only a matter of time before Alys Vol’tyr will be his.

Love and Ponies in Dragonblight

The first time I was in Dragonblight on Sprink, I thought this was the absolute neatest thing EVAR. Two NPCs, carrying on a conversation, living their lives with absolutely no interaction from me — unless you count lining Alys’ pocket for a few Runes of Teleportation interaction. For some reason, these two talking to each other made me feel far less alone in Azeroth than any number of people running around, questing. Maybe it’s because I play on a cold, unfeeling PvP server and I don’t get the benefit from watching some role play. Maybe it’s just this kind of unrequited love thing tugs at my heartstrings. I just think these two are the most amazing characters in Northrend. Arthas can go jump off Storm Peaks with his teddy bear armor. Garrosh can follow him, whining all the way. No other interaction in the game can make me smile as fast as these two can. I was in Dragonblight recently on Tirralyis, and I purposefully stuck around just to watch those two.

I wish I could find words to explain just how this little thing, this tiny little thing that has nothing to do with the overall game and could be removed without most people even noticing, can make me so happy. I could say it’s the attention to detail that Blizzard is known for, but I still think it’s more than that. So, if anyone from the Blizz’s reading this, thank you. Keep up the little things; it makes the game that much more enjoyable.

What about you guys? Any little things in the game that keep you coming back for more?

Also, yes, that is totally me on a sparkle pony. Somebody must really love me. ~_^


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I’ve been to Agmar’s Hammer numerous times and never noticed this played out. Now I’ll have to make a special trip.

There’s a very similar story that plays out in Star’s Rest, the Alliance camp across the road. One of the NPC’s, Sentinel Sweetspring I think, is always smiling and half-flirting with the other Sentinel, but is always rejected. They’re both female, and I get the impression that it’s not because Sweetspring is another woman, but because she’s just not interested romantically, or maybe just playing hard to get. Either way, the interaction always brings a smile to my face.

Another great example is the ongoing feud in Lower City with the fruit vendor. Good fun.

There’s a wolf in Mok’Nathal Village, way out in the Blade’s Edge Mountains that goes by the name of Zakk. He occasionally dances. I have never passed through without stopping and cheering at him.


How has Saurfang lived so long? Well… he doesn’t eat pork.

(A great quote, both in and out of context.)

It is totally worth the trip. I think those two are just so cute! One of these times, I’m just waiting for her to give in to his troll wiles…

Special trip to Mok’Nathal Village incoming…

I do like that interaction as well. It just doesn’t make me come back and hope that it’s going to work out for the troll quite like the Days of Our Agmar’s Hammer does. ^_^

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