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Windsoar Casts Muse on Sprink

Posted on: April 12, 2010

How Does Sprink Get All Those Screenshots?

Anyone who knows me from the pre-WoW days (which is probably all of three of you that may read this) will find the title of this hilarious. I used to go by the title of ‘Professional Muse’ on message boards, forums, and general bio pages. So, since the muse has been mused upon, here goes!

Windsoar, in honour of the six month blogiversary of Jaded Alt, is giving our topics, much like Tam did for the Pox Party. ^_^ So, here’s my topic:


/cast Muse
Your RSS Friday is one of my favorite features on your blog. Do you randomly just take a ton of screenshots, or do you think *awesome* hit the magic button, and the magic flies from there?

Believe it or not, most of them are random. I say most, because sometimes, things are just too cool to pass up. But, let it be known that I play on a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop. Anyone familiar with this keyboard setup will immediately see where I’m going with this. The ‘Print Screen’ key is directly next to the ‘Num Lock’ key. A lot of the screenshots came from me attempting to hit the num lock to autorun, and either accidentally hitting the print screen or having my nail (I am a girl, after all, and prone to girly things on occasion… like long nails) hit the print screen at the same time as the num lock. I also have my lock toolbars toggle set to F12, which is also very close to the num lock key. So, between all those things, some interesting screenshots can occur. For example, expect to see some dead Sprink in the future on RSS Friday, as Sprink is a fire mage and prone to things like dying. ~_^

However, if Sprink looks particularly cool, or I just got a new toy (like a flying carpet), I’m prone to mashing the screenshot button repeatedly until I get just the right shot.

So I guess the answer to your question is… both? ^_^

That said, happy six month, Windsoar, and here’s to at least six months more! /huggles


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I understand that problem having just finished an affair with an intolerably small laptop. You expect me to hit F1 without hitting 1? Really? *Screenshot* 😛

Oh no! Now my secret’s out! ^_^

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