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RSS Friday: The Brave Little Penguin

Posted on: April 9, 2010

Sprink Meets the Bravest Northrend Penguin of All.

The Brave Little Penguin

Such a Gutsy Little Guy!

RSS Friday returns! ^_^

This one isn’t that random. I actually took this screen shot because of that little guy standing in front of Sprink. That, my friends, is the bravest penguin I’ve ever met. He was standing there, in the middle of a group of cultists, just doing whatever it is that penguins do. He had not a care in the world. He was just so… cute! Maybe he was also there to rescue the Tourney Aspirants? He’s certainly more brave than they are. ~_^

So here’s a salute to you, little penguin. May your fish always be tasty and your hide always safe.

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That penguin is totally Horde.


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