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RSS Friday: Shamanism

Posted on: February 26, 2010

Rixin, Explosives, and Ore?

This is Rixin, one of my Alliance characters. She’s a shaman engineer, kind of an odd combination, I’m sure. She does have a story behind her. She comes from a family of engineers, and it’s something she was raised with. However, she’s always been a bit… earthy, for lack of a better word. She sees the elements as further tools to use. She may even be looking for a way to combine the two into something different entirely.

In this shot she’s obviously working on some project involving explosives, from the blasting powder she’s putting together. ^_^

This is one of those accidental screen shots that comes from having your Num Lock key right next to the Print Screen key. I totally did not mean to take that shot, but hey, it’s kind of like looking back at old pictures when you were a kid, reminiscing about the past, the easier times. ^_^

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I’m sure Kum has those pants…

I think he has those pants, too, now that I look… ^_^

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