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The Illustrious Guild Tag

Posted on: February 21, 2010

Sometimes, you gotta go it on your own.

There is something to be said about a guild tag. For some, it is a badge of who they are, who they run with, something worn with pride. To others, it’s just a group of people you associate with so you can raid or PvP or whatever it is you do. To more others, it’s the name that happens to associate with the people you talk to.

I’m not really sure what a guild means to me. Perhaps that’s why I choose to go the way I’m going to go.

Before I started playing WoW, a few friends of mine were in a guild that was a pretty known raiding guild on the server. Val asked if I wanted an invite to the guild, but I said no, because I’m a horribly independent person and didn’t want to be walked through the game. I played unguilded for a while, until someone I’d been talking with asked if I wanted in on their guild. I agreed. I think I liked the fact that I was asked to join the guild not because of who I happened to know in real life, but because of the people I met in the game. After that guild fell apart a few months later, Val asked again. This time, since I really liked hearing some of the hilarious conversations that were going on in guild chat (Val and I play in the same room, so he’s always telling me funny things going on in chat), I decided to go with it.

The strangest thing happened. Guild chat didn’t seem as funny as it had when it was something that didn’t pop up on my screen. There were quite a few times when it was just as I thought it would be, people having fun and hanging out digitally. And while I made a few comments here and there, there really wasn’t a connection. (Except for one troll who is my favourite pugger evar. Skeeter PuGs FTW! ^_^) After some time, the green text on my screen was just something I occasionally paid attention to, something like trade chat. If something caught my eye, I paid attention. If not, it was just more text I didn’t much care about.

And then the guild stopped raiding. Many of the core raiders left, some of which I would occasionally talk to. Many left their alts in the guild, but over time those left as well. The guild, to be honest, is an empty wasteland. Rarely do I see anyone other than myself on. And when I do, it’s one of the five man group or someone I never talked to once when the guild was active. Come to find out, many of the guild have gone to another, and after much himming and hawing, Val left for the other guild as well. He asked if I wanted an invite, but I turned it down.

Why? I think, maybe, I need to reestablish my WoW identity. I think I’m going to do something I thought it was weird for an 80 to do. I’m going to run guildless for a little while. I think I want to see if I miss it. If I do, I’ll go for that invite to the guild everyone in the former guild seems to have gone to. If not, maybe I’ll forge my own way. Maybe I’ll fall in with another guild. Maybe the old guard will get back together. Whatever happens, I think it’s time for this mage to strike it out on her own.

That is, of course, unless the Kirin Tor wants me. Then I’m totally there. Totally. ~_^

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I also am an 80 running without a guild. I’m an officer in a guild on the Alliance side of my server, so I rolled a horde alt and while it’s taken awhile to get her to 80 I did so alone. Not that I don’t like the guild environment, I love it, but sometimes its nice to be a lone wolf. 😀

So far, so good with the guildlessness. While the ‘new’ guild is kinda intriguing, I’m still not ready for it, I don’t think.

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