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RSS Friday: The Paladin and the Dragon

Posted on: February 19, 2010

or, Other’s Adventures in Kiting and What It Means for You.

Nope. Not RSS as in feed. RSS as in random screen shot. Something I’d like to do every Friday, since I seem to have a lot of accidental screen shots. Comes with having the ‘print screen’ key right next to the ‘num lock’ key, eh? So, without further adieu, here it is.

Tirralyis vs. the Dragon

You've Got to Be Kidding Me...

Last year, I wanted to get Tirralyis a title, and I figured ‘the Noble’ was probably the best title for a paladin of her future caliber. So, I was wandering around, doing the Noblegarden stuff, and during my run back into Org, I found trade chat blowing up. Have you ever had that feeling that there was something big going on behind you? Without thinking, I spun her around and… well… that’s what I saw. A world dragon, kited all the way back to Org, and blowing up lowbies left and right. I stayed to watch for a minute or two, then went on about my business. I have no idea what eventually happened, if the dragon was downed or not, but it was still an interesting screen shot nonetheless.

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  • Sprink: @Veng I still have to do the other side of the centaur, and I just stepped foot into Silithis, so I feel like I'm pretty much right on track for Kali
  • Tam: Wow, congratulations. I am far too lazy for this kind of thing - but I love the Darrowshire questline, it's beautiful. And, not being on a PvP server
  • Markus: Good luck! I think I am about 200 quests from completing the Kalimdor portion. Going back to Desolace for those quests just makes me want to hurl.

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