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Twinking, RL Style

Posted on: January 21, 2010

Phat Birthday Lewtz FTW!

Holy crap, it’s more than one post in a week! This one’s kinda fluffy and picture filled, though, so if that’s not your thing, I’ll be back with normal insanity next week… or sooner.

So, today’s my birthday, and, like Syrana, I will be twinking it from here on out. That’s right. XP bar is going off. But all that’s neither here nor there. Why? Because I haz lootz.

Let me set this up proper here: Last year for my birthday, Valgav helped me farm up my Wrath of Spellfire set. I had recently hit 70, just got those pink goggles from Netherstorm, and well, the picture speaks for itself.

Sprink at 70 in the Wrath of Spellfire Set

Who's cool? I'm cool.

So what could he possibly get for the mage who has most of what she needs? Well, I’d just bought the triumph chest yesterday, so no new clothes for me… He’d mentioned possibly having SugarDaddyLlem make her a mechanohog, but is Sprink really the motorcycle type? What does every fire mage want, deep down in her scorching heart?

Sprink on Red Drake

Yes, that's the gifter on the blue drake down there.

That’s right. A Red Drake. I also have a handful of black roses and cake that is not a lie. ^_^ For the record, Sporebee likes him, too.

No, Drake

No, Red Drake, you cannot eat Sporebee.

All in all, good birthday. No complaints here. Now, where’s that guy who lets me turn off my XP bar…


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Happy Birthday! We’ll rock this bracket 😀

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