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Thou Shalt DPS

Posted on: January 19, 2010

And DPS Fantastically!

If the new dungeon finder has taught us anything, it’s that people really need to know the basics of their roles to effectively group with people you don’t know. It’s the strong fundamentals they talk about in basketball. It’s the back to basics approach with businesses that have lost sight of their mission statement. It’s something everyone, even the best of us, need to remember to be a good team member and ‘pull our own weight,’ as it were.

So, on that note, I’d like to toss out a list of things every DPS should probably keep at least in the back of their minds. Remember, when the going gets tough, Thou Shalt DPS.

  • The Tank Is Always Right…
    If the tank asks you to do something, and it is within your power to do it and not unreasonable, try and do it. If s/he asks you to lay off the group of enemies until s/he has all the love (threat), keep your spells and abilities to yourself until the tank has sufficient threat. Remember, it is not the DPSer’s job to pull mobs unless requested by the tank. If your tank is not ready, the group is not ready. Pulling before the tank is ready is a good way to get everyone else mad at you… and possibly vote kicked if you do it repeatedly.

    • If your tank is a paladin or death knight, AoE spells and abilities shouldn’t be a threat issue. One way I keep my threat down is to cast a single target spell first on the tank’s target, then lay in with the AoEs.
    • If your tank is a warrior, you may need to do a few single target attacks before commencing the AoE-ness. I generally keep single-targeting if there’s only one or two mobs standing.
    • If your tank is a bear, single targeting may be your best bet. It’s been my experience that bear tanks move around a lot, which could pull mobs out of your AoE effects. However, if your particular bear tank keeps his feet still, you can treat him like a warrior tank.
  • … Except for When He Isn’t.
    Even if your tank looks like a blood elf, an orc, a space goat, or anything else fantastical, remember that the intelligence behind your tank is human. Yes, there will be times when the tank will lose a mob or two. Yes, there may be a time when the tank causes a wipe. However, if the tank repeatedly causes the group to wipe, or causes undue stress on the group, you may want to mention it politely, in a whisper if possible. If the tank admits to being relatively new at the whole standing between the squishies and the things that want to kill the squishies thing, use that time to help them become better tanks. Sometimes, you completely forget what abilities you have as a tank, especially when you’re first starting out. (Yes, Tirralyis, you DO have an ability called Righteous Defense. Use it.) If, after mentioning it, your tank continues to be less than what you expect, you may want to consider leaving that group. If you’re not the only one noticing an issue, you may want to consider initiating a vote to kick if you have a particularly stubborn player.
  • Protect the Healer. Even if It Means Your Own Possible Demise.
    The tank is what stands between you and the nasties. The healer is what keeps the tank (and to a lesser extent, you) alive. Remove the healer, and the tank drops. The tank drops, and you’re going to be face to face with something that really, really hates you and your shoes. Sometimes, the healer is going to pull threat. If that happens, it is in everyone’s best interest to get whatever hates him/her back to hating on the tank. The easiest way, especially if you’re standing next to the healer and the tank hasn’t noticed a mob is missing, is to use an AoE attack to pull the mob’s attention, then run for the tank. As a mage, Sprink likes the Blast Wave, run at the tank, pray the tank picks the mob up approach. Sometimes, the tank won’t be able to get the mob off you, and you might die. However, your death was a noble one if the rest of the party survives. And if the healer notices what you did there, you’ve just endeared yourself to the healer. And in my opinion, that’s never a bad thing. ^_^
  • Posting DPS Meters Makes You a Tool…
    Nobody likes to have it thrown in their face if they’re not hitting that magical 5k DPS. Hell, nobody likes to hear that they’re not hitting that less-than-magical 1-2k DPS. Do not be that guy. We all know the one I’m talking about. The guy who, after every fight, trash or boss, insists upon posting the DPS meters and e-peening about how they did X-thousand more DPS than everyone else. The only thing posting the DPS meters does it prove that you had Recount up the whole fight and were probably paying more attention to it than to the actual fight.
  • … Unless You’re Using It as a Teaching Tool.
    We were all, at one point in our WoW careers, hoping and praying that we would one day hit that magical 1K DPS. Sure, it was a long time ago, but like childhood, you can learn from it. If you’re a mage in a group with another mage that doesn’t seem to be performing as well as s/he could be, and that mage seems to be trying really hard, throw up the meters in a whisper (not in party chat), followed by an offer to help them get their numbers higher. If they blow you off or get offended, then they’re not worth pushing the issue. However, if they ask for a few pointers, you’ve just helped make that mage a little better. Same goes for hunters, warriors, all other DPS classes. If there’s more than one of you, offer to help each other. You’ll all be better for it.
  • This One’s For the Mages: Drop a Table. It Endears You.
    I know. Five Arcane Powder for a whole table. It’s a whole 50 silver. That’s half a gold. I know. However, nothing makes your group, especially your healer, like you more than free food. Think of it: who doesn’t love free food? Who refuses free pizza day at work? Nobody. Who refuses the free appetizer when you go out to eat and the server doesn’t show up for 20 minutes to take your drink order? Nobody. So go ahead. Be free strudel guy/girl. It’s totally worth it. ^_^
  • Being Friendly Never Hurts…
    Whenever I enter a dungeon group, the first thing I say is ‘morning/afternoon/evening, all ^_^’ followed by ‘table?’ Taking the initiative and being friendly shows that you’re not just steamrolling for badges. Which, in turn, shows that you may actually care about what is going on in the dungeon, rather than just have it be a musical chair session of DPS, healers and tanks. You can think of it this way: When you’re standing in line at the bank and someone you manage to catch eyes with smiles and nods, it just makes you feel a little happier. Being friendly in a group is kinda like that, to me. Besides, if you’re met with silence, it’s no skin off your back. You tried, they were silent, you all move on and do the dungeon.
  • … But Being a Dick Does.
    How many blog posts have you seen about the most awesome PuG ever? Not many. Everyone remembers that dick knight who wouldn’t let the tank get threat and kept dying. Everyone remembers the huntard that didn’t believe in Misdirection. Everyone remembers the rouge (purposefully misspelled) that “accidentally” Tricks of the Traded one of the other DPS because the other, equally dicktastic DPS wouldn’t stop posting the DPS meters. As much as we all want to be remembered, nobody wants to be remembered as That Guy.
  • Thou Shalt DPS
    Finally, remember your role as a DPSer. You will do damage. You will do lots of it. Know your rotation, know your classes abilities, and you will be the DPS your next group can’t wait to run with.

Anything I missed? Let me know! ^_^


12 Responses to "Thou Shalt DPS"

“Yes, Llementas, you DO have an ability called Righteous Fury. Use it.”

You had a few typos. I fixed them for you. πŸ˜€

Other than that, great list.

I don’t know how I always manage to not have that up. I mean as prot I should have it when farming, let alone in dungeons. I guess bad tank is just bad.

great site….. enjoyed reading it all….. yes i know i am a dork but that is ok πŸ™‚

“This One’s For the Mages: Drop a Table. It Endears You.”

Truth. I also like to mix the friendly one with my mage table, since I have it macro’d to say “I’M CONJURING MANA STRUDLE!! YEAH!!”

Anyone who’s seen the video generally throws a “lol” or “haha” up to break the silence.

Don’t really know where to post this. So I will post it here…

Here I was at oh lets say 2:30 in the morning, thinking to my self, man I would kill for some strudel’s… Along came this helpful Hunter Arry. He was like I have some you could have. As I was munching on one, it kinda tasted familiar, so I did the only natural thing. I asked him where he got them from. The answer blew my mind, and for a shadow priest that is a hard thing to do. Come to find out Arry had gotten them from a Warrior named Derull, who was holding on to them for a Druid named Dezrain, who had gotten them from a Mage named Spink who had thrown down a table in the very first dungeon that had run HOURS earlier..

So I felt compelled to say THANK YOU to all parties involved especially Sprink for that wonderful table that allows me to continue to melt faces.

Awesome! I love healer bodyguards. Another trick employed by mage-husband is to frost nova the mob that’s smacking the healer and then tell the healer to move. The healer needs to be “trained” to watch for the frost nova, but it’s highly effective against melee mobs.

You’re right. That was a typo. ~_^ At least Tirralyis keeps that up at all times, which makes her just that much better than her mentor. ~_^

Figured you’d find your way here. Glad you enjoyed the reads!

I’M GOING TO WAND YOU TO DEATH!!! Love that guy. ^_^

That’s right, all. Sprink is Strudel Spec. ^_^ That is some long travelling strudel. I can see it, coming in theatres — 5-man Group of the Travelling Strudel.

Most healers don’t get upset when you save their skin at the cost of your own. ^_^ I can’t really do the Frost Nova thing, mostly because training a healer can be like training something that doesn’t like to be trained. ~_^

Love the mage one…although I find sometimes when using DF, U announce a table then stand there like an idiot whilst the tank runs off, starts pulling and tell you he wants a quick clean run, hes 6 badges short (damn he needs to run another instance haha) so screw the table, let’s get this done πŸ˜‰

Nice site btw

[…] posts directed as DPS because y’know … dps!lol but this is a great post from Sprinks on how to be bloody awesome at it in random pugs. I particularly love Point 3 but then I’m perhaps a bit […]

Very nice, sensible and entertaining post!

I have another one for you.

It’s ok to tell folks you are new at what you are doing. Although there are plenty of idiots out there, most folks will not immediately kick you for being new.

My main is a tank/heals druid. My first alt is a ret pally that’s just hit 70 and started running random normals (which all seem to be UK). On a run the other day, we wiped on the second pull because I did too much DPS for the tank (who was a DK that thought he could get away with tanking in his DPS spec because it was a normal) because I didn’t watch my threat AT ALL. Subsequently I explained that I was new to the whole DPS have-to-watch-your-aggro thing because this is my alt, and I’m used to tanking and just going bugnuts as much as I can. He laughed, and said that it was partially his fault too, that I was doing too much “deeps,” he switched to his frost spec and off we went, to (mostly) no issues the rest of the run.

Most people out there are fairly nice, and the ones that aren’t you can do without anyway.

50s eh? I usually drop one if either:
1. I need the food.
2. There are 3 or more mana bars in the group.
3. The healer responded they need water.
4. I am in a jolly mood.

For BGs I only drop the food if:
1. I need the food.
2. No one has whispered me for food/water or mentioned in group chat (espeically in yell) something along the lines of talbe plx!
3. The group is not predominantly in blue or green pve gear and/or up against a premade. In which case I hope for a quick defeat or other BG to pop. Why? Cos experience tells me the chances of winning are slim and most of them will be afking because they don’t like to be owned.
3. I am in a jolly mood.

So bottom line is when the mage is jolly there is refreshments to be had!

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