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Winter’s Veil 2009

Posted on: January 3, 2010

A Poem, by Sprink… no good can come of this.

Sprink and Sporebee wish you a happy holidays!

Sprink and Sporebee wish you a happy holidays!

~ahem~ Twas the day after’s Winter’s Veil, and we had lots of fun.
Look back at this holiday, now that Merrymaker’s done.
Already threw the snowball at Cairne, twas a year ago then
One of the first achievements Sprink got, the start of a trend?
Simply Abominable, On Metzen, He Knew I’d Been Naughty
Didn’t do anymore last year, wasn’t feeling that jaunty.
Started this year up as a Winter’s Veil Gourmet
With a 450 cooking score, I can cook all damn  day!
Saw Brothers Malach, Durkot, and Kelton in Icecrown
Made much easier by magic teleportation to various towns.
(I love being a mage, holidays are so easy,
You’d think with that mindset, I’d have more of these cheesies…)
Little helper was fun, but it took me two tries,
Then I rocked some holiday gear, showing off some female blood elf thigh.
My costume changes weren’t over, I was like a pop star,
Why I had to dance at Dal’s Bank was a little bizarre.
Threw snowflakes on everyone, my sanity didn’t unravel
but at least I wasn’t like Valgav with a dilemma involving travel.
(The joke of the time, and I kinda, sorta quote,
“$15 bucks a month, magical islands, holy space goats!”)
A trip to Blade’s Edge and I was queen of the Ogres,
A bombing run on demons, and then it was over.
Sprink is a Merrymaker, though it she doesn’t show.
“It’s Flame Keeper to you, let everyone know!”
I leave you happy post-holiday wishes, with love from the heart
Got a snowball in this bag here, let’s end like it start.

… C’mere Cairne!


3 Responses to "Winter’s Veil 2009"

Aww that was cute! 😀

I can’t believe you came up with that in one sitting.

… stupid holy space goats. *mumble grumble*

Thanks! I wanted to do something else for the holiday, but I just ran out of time and motivation. Hence, the poem! ^_^

I can’t believe I came up with that in one sitting either. ^_^

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