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I’ve Been Tagged!

Posted on: December 17, 2009

In which Sprink needs to pick just three people to burninate repeatedly.

Thanks to the ever gracious Tam for the blogging syphilis. ^_^ His suggestion for the blogging share-a-thon asked which three bosses in our usual five-mans I could burninate all day. Well, it was kinda hard to narrow it down, as I thoroughly enjoy burninating everything, but I’ve managed to find the three that I could do over and over again.

3. King Ymiron

The man at the back of Utgarde Pinnacle holds something that every mage wants. Spellstealing Bane makes your party happy, and if you’re being overzealous and steal threat (which I can be at times), he gets a taste of his own medicine. The way the fight causes you to cringe in terror at various times while he ‘switches forms’ is a mechanic that I’ve always found kinda neat. Gives you an idea of how — when you’re not steamrolling the place, of course — dangerous this man can really be.

2. Blackheart the Inciter

Every time you fight him, it’s a different fight. When he does his mass confusion (Incite Chaos) and turns your party against you, literal chaos ensues. ^_^ Is the tank going to come over and start killing me? Is the healer going to pop his wings? Is he going to do something stupid, like make me cast Ice Block or just make me go hit someone over the head with my massively awesome 143.1 DPS staff? Or am I just going to get Bladestormed to death in no time? The rest of the fight isn’t nearly as amusing, but when the chaos happens, it’s anybody’s guess how things are going to turn out.

1. Kael’thas Sunstrider

I. Love. Kael. What more can I say? Any time I can see him, I’m cool with that. Poor guy got rejected by Jaina, had a few minor setbacks, and if he doesn’t show up in the future again, I will be surprised. Just all of you wait. He’s just making the longest corpse run EVAR. ^_^ He had just a crappy life, most of it his own fault, but you can’t fault the man for being a man. At least he has convictions. At least he wants what (he thinks) is best for his people. At least he is hot. ~_^ And for this guy, Tempest Keep, Outland, and death are merely a setback. What’s not to love?

That is the top three there. However, I do have to give out some honorable mentions to those that didn’t make the cut, but are still fun on their own.

HM: Cyanigosa

Violet Hold is one of my favorite dungeons. Saving the mage city is something I can stand behind every day. Think if I do it enough I can finally get accepted into the Kirin Tor? ~_^

HM: Argent Confessor Paletress

Healer? I don’t need a healer for this fight. Let me spellsteal the renew from either her or her conjured nightmare, and each tick heals me to full. It’s a good day to be a mage. ^_^

HM: Loken

Yup. Still have his pants. They’re sitting in the bank. And I will go get them out, put them on, and burn his face. Happily. ^_^

So, there you have it. My three favorite bosses to burninate. Did someone not make the list you thought should have? Do you want to catch the blogging-syphilis-meme thing and share the love? Comment! ^_^

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3 Responses to "I’ve Been Tagged!"

Actually the pleasure of killing these up and close and personal rather than standing at the back in a sissy robe allowing other people to do the honours.

And, yes, I entirely agree about the twisted pleasure of killing Kael – I never get bored of that. What can I say, I show affection in strange ways?

Oh Blackheart, how ye has given me nightmares. I agree that the chaos keeps things interesting, but back in the day… Oi.

I remember running through with some friends that were WAY better geared than I. That was actually a bad thing during the chaos since they killed me in their epics.

In fact, I remember them swapping out weapons and gear for him and being told to blow all major cooldowns before each chaos nightmare haha.

We loves us some Kael. ~_^ Besides, isn’t ‘twisted’ just another word for ‘blood elf’ anyway. ^_^

Since I never really saw Blackheart back in the day, I can only imagine how much trouble he caused. ^_^ He still gives us a problems even with all our epic and 80-ness.

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