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The Kill-er (Be Killed) Instinct

Posted on: December 7, 2009

Bad pun. No biscuit.

So, that blue gem post will have to wait until I’m no longer suffering from the Mongolian Death Flu and can form a coherent, intellectual sentence or three. Apologies if any of this doesn’t exactly make sense; Nyquil does fun things. ^_^

On that note, let’s talk about PvP. With the last holiday, you had to go out and sit at the enemy’s table, partake of their food, and pray that they left you alone long enough to get to their next town. Let’s lay down the usual suspects in our group running:

  • Derull, orc arms warrior, many bits of PvP gear
  • Gorbash, blood elf blood death knight, no real PvP gear to speak of
  • Arry, blood elf beast master hunter, no real PvP gear if I remember correctly
  • me, Sprink, blood elf fire mage extraordinaire, a handful of honor PvP pieces and a few craftables

Nothing really happened in either Ironforge or Stormwind. Really surprised there, considering it’s usually where we get roflstomped.

Ahh, Darnassus. Darnassus, Darnassus, Darnassus. We came in by boat. We made it all the way across the town without even seeing another person. We got to the tables and… attacked! A dranaei frost mage. I instantly targeted her, just waiting for the first sign of aggression… and it happened. I started casting, spellstealing, counterspelling, and was completely ignored for the most part. The hunter and death knight went down quickly, leaving myself and the warrior. I wasn’t targeted once. That mage was a puddle shortly thereafter, and it was just myself and the warrior left standing. A shaman came out of nowhere, dotted up the warrior, and ran.  So we mounted up and went to hide while our two comrades made the run back. After a little bit, we accidentally were spotted, but not before they appeared to port away. It was mentioned by the warrior that even though the shaman ported, the mage could have just gone invisible. However, having played a mage long enough, I noticed that there was no cast animation when the mage disappeared. Taking your own port doesn’t cause an animation, but casting invisible does… and there was no animation. Tricksy? Kinda, but I’ve pulled that kind of stuff before just to get someone off guard.

The Exodar was a joke. There weren’t even guards there, I don’t think. It was like we’d walked into a spaghetti western, tumbleweeds with red crystal shards rolled past, the familiar do-do-do-do-doooooo seemed to play in the background. If Clint Eastern-Plaguelands came by and called any one of us pilgrim, I wouldn’t have been surprised. In fact, the most action we saw was on the ship on the way, when the death knight couldn’t seem to stay on the ship.

So, what was it that made the warrior and I survive, and the hunter and dk die? The only thing I can offer is that kill or be killed instinct, or perhaps it’s more of the lack of fear of death. See, as a fire mage, I’m pretty much guaranteed to die in any and all situations if not backed up by at least three healers. ^_^ I mean, by no means do I think I’m really that good at PvP. However, levelling as fire has given me a healthy lack of self preservation. Yes, I do know and use my surviving abilities, but when I PvP, it’s balls to the wall. I’m notorious for charging forward at anyone I’m fighting. No one is ready for the kamikaze mage, charging at the death knight like she’s going to stab it to death. I’m blowing every cooldown I have available, because I probably won’t live long enough to empty my mana pool.

World PvP is always a surprise to me. The ability to quickly switch mindset from PvE to PvP is a must have. If you hesitate, you die. If you freeze up, you really die. If you try to run away, you have a 50/50 shot of death. The best way to win is to get the drop on somebody when they least expect it.

More importantly, you can study tactics for beating classes until the cows come home, but if you can’t harness that kill or be killed approach, you’re just going to bite it. The best way to win is to be unpredictable. When they expect you to run, stand and fight. When they expect you to CC them, nail ’em with a quick hit. Or, my personal favourite, make them blow all their big cooldowns, their big win abilities, then blow them up with yours. You can’t just faceroll your way, no matter how OP your class may or may not be at this exact moment, to a win. You gotta earn that W.

So that, as they say, is that. Now, go out, pick that fight, and play to win!

EDIT: The hunter reminded me that she did, in fact, have a few PvP pieces, and the reason she croaked so quickly was the fault of a polymorph. Having been on that side of a fight before, I can honestly say it’s still not her fault for dying. It was the damn fr-fr-fr-fr-cold spec mage. ^_^


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Ahhhh…you’re meant to have a strategy? *nods understandingly*

Yup. The strategy is… don’t die. Or at least, don’t die without trying to defend yourself. ^_^

Excuse me for commenting Off-Topic … which WP theme are you using? It looks amazing.

It’s the Albeo theme. ^_^

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