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Wownaversary: Year One

Posted on: November 3, 2009

Don’t ask Sprink to light the candles on the cake. You might not have a cake when she’s done.

Well, today is my Wownaversary. I’ve been playing for a whole year. I have a single 80, my loverly fire mage who is still my favourite character to play. I’m leveling a Paladin, who will be going into Outland once her mining is up to speed. I have a for real farmbot, even though she’s not max level, or max level professioned. I have a bank alt, who I play dress-up with more than I will admit.

And how did I spend my Wownaversary? Watching Monday Night Football, watching the Saints (while not my home team, my team of choice*) play the Falcons and mutter about how I want to have Drew Brees’ football babies. I actually haven’t even logged into WoW yet today.

However, I think something I will do over the course of before I go to bed, possibly floating into tomorrow. I think I’m going to go around and take some of those screenshots that I’ve been meaning to take. I’m sure we’ve all got them, screenshots of characters you like, or of neat little things that just look, well, neat. Take, for example, that screenshot with Thrall I’ve been meaning to take before he leaves for the Cataclysm. Sprink has come a long way from that shy little blood elf, handing over her letter of recommendation to the leader of the Horde. She has become a proud warrior, worthy of defending her hometown, capable of destroying her enemies (so long as they don’t get anywhere near her) and ready to take vengeance on the Scourge who destroyed her home.

Interestingly enough, I partially started playing WoW not only because the boyfriend played and said I would like it, but as a way to escape that creature known as NaNo. This year, I’ve actually been considering and hashing out some WoW related ficcage, mostly centered around my paladin, Tirralyis. Strange how things come full circle, eh?

So, at this point, I’d like to say thank you to everyone I’ve met thanks to this game. To Gnomeaggedon, a constant source of entertainment, even if he is a gnome. To Larisa, someone who I might not always agree with, but still writes things that make you think. To Syrana (and Sideshow ^_^), who is one of the first bloggers I’ve actually talked to, in game.  To Euripedes, whose blog was the first WoW blog I ever read. And last, but not least, to Tamarind, who is a constant source of hilarity when I should really be working. Anyone I’ve forgotten, apologies all around. The only excuse I have right now involves the words ‘fourth quarter’ and ‘go Saints’ to varying degrees. ^_^

Edit: It was brought to my attention that I’d forgotten the illest pally evar, the mage stuck in a paladin’s body, Jong, flanked by the illustrious Megan. Apologies all around! ^_^

I’d also like to say thank you to everyone I’ve met in game, who may or may not read this blog, like guildies and friends from the real world. You guys have made this poor little fire mage with a penchant for cackling at explosions more welcome than I can really imagine.

In closing, thank you again, everyone. You’ve made the last year one for the books. Let’s make the rest of them ones to remember as well! ^_^


*Team of Choice is a phenomenon for people who watch football from Michigan. It is my belief (and many others I associate with) that while you will root for the Lions, you also tend to root for another team, you Team of Choice, since the Lions are so terrible most of the time.


8 Responses to "Wownaversary: Year One"

Woo hoo! Happy wownaversary! *balloons* *streamers*

And thank you for the honourable mention – I’m delighted to entertain, and especially to distract you from work 😉

Happy Anniversary!!!

i dont even remember when i started playing… it has been that long.

Yay. I wish you tons of fun and raining epic loots for many more years!

Woo! *passes around cake* Sorry I’m late!

Also, regarding team of choice, I know what you mean. Although Wisconsinites tend to be avid (if not rabid :P) Packer fans… which I am, don’t get me wrong, but Sideshow and I both also follow the Bills.

[…] WoWnaversary to Sprinks. […]

Got a little more time today to revisit the ol’ feedreader.

So wanted to say Grats again and thank you for enjoying my blog. If you enjoy mine 1/2 as much as I enjoy yours you must like it a lot!

Thank you all for your well wishes! /hug all

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