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The title pretty much sums it up, but I’ll have a more in depth commentary on this annoying thing with all the new gear I’ve gotten to replace my craftable epics… soon. Work + holiday planning is making WoW happenings a little few and far between. Also, I think WoW holidays mess with me, but that’s another post for another time. ^_^ So, stay tuned!


Don’t ask Sprink to light the candles on the cake. You might not have a cake when she’s done. Read the rest of this entry »


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  • Sprink: @Veng I still have to do the other side of the centaur, and I just stepped foot into Silithis, so I feel like I'm pretty much right on track for Kali
  • Tam: Wow, congratulations. I am far too lazy for this kind of thing - but I love the Darrowshire questline, it's beautiful. And, not being on a PvP server
  • Markus: Good luck! I think I am about 200 quests from completing the Kalimdor portion. Going back to Desolace for those quests just makes me want to hurl.

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