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Step One: Tank

Posted on: October 9, 2009

Where Tirralyis gets a crash course in tanking… and does passably.

A few nights ago, Tirralyis finally made it into Un’Goro Crater. Have I ever mentioned how much I hated Un’Ganko when I played Sprink through there? No? Well, I did. Very, very much. But that’s not the point here.

I’ve been leveling Tirralyis prot, which is the complete opposite of leveling as a fire mage. Fire mages, as we all know, are terribly squishy. Prot pallies are… the hardest things to kill this side of a rock. In fact, I think the rock might be easier to kill, what with a mining pick and all that.

But back to the point… again. I had yet to get the best pally tanking ability known to blood elves (Avenger’s Shield), but since the boyfriend’s hunter was in the area, I figured I’d try my hand at tanking. Get some practice and all that.

I have never, in my life, been both out threated, and out damaged by a freaking bird. A freaking bird! It was taking everything I had — taunt, consecrate, reckoning proc, pray to the tanking gods — but I couldn’t seem to hold threat at all. Mind you, he was a level and a half higher than me, but still. Rawr.

Since then, I’ve managed to get TBPTAKtBE, and it has been wonderful. Haven’t tried tanking mobs again with other players yet, but I’m doing a lot better at holding threat. Again, totally the opposite of playing a fire mage. ^_^ My plans her for becoming the best pally tank Tirralyis could be are thusly, in cute little bullet points:

  • Step One: Tank
  • Step Two: Keep Threat
  • Step Three: Pray to the Tanking Gods
  • Step Four: ???
  • Step Five: Profit?

So, all you totally awesome tanks out there, any tips for a fire mage turned prot pally on keeping threat?


Side note: Sorry this one took so long. IRL aggro. ^_^


2 Responses to "Step One: Tank"

I have a couple of questions that might help clear some things up.

1) Did you have Righteous Fury activated? Not to be snooty by asking this- but I have known seasoned pally tanks forget to turn this on.

2) What spec is the hunter? If he’s Beast Mastery that might explain it some- they can hold alot of threat (mini tanks anyone??)

Heh Un’Goro should be more fun on a pally then a fire mage- try leveling there as a Resto Druid from Vanilla WoW days (damn Devilsaurs)….

I have nothing but love for Righteous Indignation… er… Fury. ^_^ I use it even when I’m not tanking.

The hunter was a BM hunter. And a couple levels above me. I really just wanted to see if I could out-threat his pet… which I could on occasion.

Yeah, the pally is a lot more fun. AoE farming on something near indestructible is a lot more entertaining than picking which target was less likely to pull all his buddies in, and die in a blaze of glory anyway. However, it takes FOREVER for things to die. I can only imagine that’s what a resto druid would be like. ^_^

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