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She-Ra: Princess of Power, or Alliance Propaganda?

Posted on: September 8, 2009

or, Sprink’s been watching too many 80s cartoons lately.

So, I’ve been revisiting my childhood lately, and found myself watching She-Ra: Princess of Power on Hulu. As some of you may or may not know, the antagonists of this particular show are known as ‘The Horde.’ And this got me thinking… Why is it the Horde? Is this some sort of Alliance propaganda?

Let’s check some similarities, shall we? ^_^

Batting  for the Alliance side, we have:

  • Adora/She-Ra was abducted as a child by the Horde and raised as one of their own. Realizes the Horde’s deceit and rebels against them. Now, last I checked the Horde doesn’t abduct children, but I’m sure there’s a few out there who would disagree. Mostly that jerk Varian Wrynn. She was tricked by the Horde into working with them, with the help of Shadow Weaver’s mind magic.
  • Kowl is a butterfly/bear/owl looking thing. Obviously a very confused druid. Regardless, he’s gotta be some form of gnome druid thing.

Batting for the Horde side is:

  • Hordak is probably an orc. Don’t let the fangs or bones fool you. He’s not Forsaken. Very, very orc. Just look at the name. An evil creature who only wants to take over the universe as his form-unseen master requests. Resonance with the orcs and the demons, maybe?
  • Shadow Weaver is so obviously a warlock. Possibly a troll or maybe even a blood elf, but a warlock nonetheless. Transformed by the dark powers she uses, I guess you could draw a parallel there. She uses magic like it’s a drug, so I’m leaning towards blood elf.
  • Catra is another obvious druid reference, but she’d fit in better with the blood elf paladins pre-Wrath. She stole her power from another, much like the blood knights stole the light from a captured naaru.
  • Skeletor. Yes, Skeletor can technically be considered a member of the Horde in the PoP universe. And who else would we call Forsaken anyway? Maybe even Grand Apothecary Putress in disguise?

Okay, so after that brief comparison, it may or may not be Alliance propaganda. Regardless, while watching all I could think about was “what’s so bad about the horde?” I’m going to have to take a look at the other cartoons I really enjoyed as a kid. More Alliance propaganda? At least My Little Pony is safe. Couldn’t see any parallels there when I watched it last night.

So, what’s the verdict? Do you call it a coincidence, or has the propaganda gotten to you, too? ~_^


2 Responses to "She-Ra: Princess of Power, or Alliance Propaganda?"

I was crazy about She-Ra when I was young – I think appreciation for She-Ra’s legs paved the way for appreication of Xena’s legs but, err, enough of my twisted fantasies 🙂 I watched some of it again quite recently and I was surprised at how fun it is still is, in a camp 1980s way of course. Also I was quite pleased by the sheer quantity of scenes in which Catra captures She-ra and…err, stop Tam, stop now. On a less dodgy note, I was also surprised to see that some of the episodes were penned by none other than Babylon 5’s JMS. Weird, huh?

And, yeah, you’re right, Kowl really screwed up his spec. Unless you think Bow is a BM hunter and Kowl is his pet?

I loved She-Ra, but after watching it now… wow. However could I think that was the height of entertainment? ~_^ It is still pretty good, though, in the 80s camp way as you mentioned.

Kowl really needs to read some druid blogs. He’s taking the whole multispec thing a bit too… multi. ^_^

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