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It Was Glorious

Posted on: August 28, 2009

or, Suck It, Loken.

Minus one of our usual DPS who had to work that night, a couple nights ago the band got back together. I had started the night pugging up a heroic Violet Hold. The pug, my second real pug, left a bit to be desired. Alternately serious other mage was alternately serious and pulling aggro from the tank and laughing about it. It was… weird. I knew we fire mages were insane, but he even made me blink a little in surprise.

We decided to four man normal ToC for a few trinkets and whatnots just to see if we could. After picking up a shiny new DPS trinket for me and some other stuff that got turned into crystals, we picked up a guildie hunter and decided to do some real five mans.

Them: What should we run?
Me: Halls of Lightning.
Them: Why?
Me: I’ve got a bone to pick with a certain Loken.

So off we flew to Halls of Lightning. After getting situated and everything, we were in. Things went well until we accidentally pulled General Bjarngrim. I was in the running for the Derull Award for Most Deaths for the Night* having bit it not that far into the fight. I was kinda cranky because it wasn’t looking good for the night. What kind of mage downs Loken that can’t live through the first boss of the dungeon?

We moved on through the room with all the elementals, and that little fight went far better than it had in the past. Stupid Blast Wave. It’s only funny when I do it. ^_^

Volkhan was a joke. Tank and spank and we were on our way to Ionar. We… we wiped on Ionar. Like wow. Me, who usually stands next to the healer (Someone’s gotta take one for the team and pull aggro off him if he gets swarmed. Mage tank FTW!) got nailed to the floor by the spark attack he does when it hit me, followed by the healer. Round two, we were working up a sweat from that run all the way back, and Ionar went down like he should have the first time around. Didn’t they realize they were all just steps leading up to the bitch slap I had been saving up for Loken?

A few minutes later and there we were. I was face to face with my mortal enemy, the man who was holding onto the pants I wanted more than I’ve ever wanted any other pair of pants. I stared him down as we discussed our strategy. Ice Block on the first nova, burn him down and hope I live through the rest. Right. This was it. He was going down, and it was going to be amazing. This wasn’t just business as usual five manning; this was a personal vendetta. We ran forward, following our trusty tank and… wiped.

No! No, my pants were within my grasp! We had to do this!

Come to find out, our healer had forgotten to bubble and bit it pretty early after the first nova. Regardless, we ran back, waiting for Ice Block and bubble to finish cooldowns. I pointed at Loken, fire in my eyes. He was going down this time. I called him out, informing him that he was going to die, and he was going to drop my pants. I looked over to make sure Sporebee (my tiny sporebat pet, goes with me EVERYWHERE) was there to watch this momentous occasion, and told the tank to go for it. Living Bomb, Fireball, Pyroblast, Ice Block, Mirror Image, Hot Streak, it was all going amazingly. I was, literally, on fire. It was epic. It was amazing. And when he dropped with all five of us still standing, it was glorious.

After the cheering, dancing and general merriment died down, it was time to loot. Would he drop the pants? After all that, after all we’d been through as a group to get there, after our hunter had broken his bow to the point of no return on that final fight, would he drop the one pair of pants I wanted more than any other pair of pants in the worlds of Azeroth and Outland?


Yes he did.

I stripped down to my skivvies and threw those babies on, parading around like a peacock with new pants. It was, to use the word again, glorious.

On top of that, I realized that I’d gotten the achievements for regular Halls of Lightning, Heroic, and Timely Death — killing Loken on heroic in two minutes or less. Not only did we take down the guy that had been haunting me with epic pants for months, but we took him down hard. Oh yeah. Glorious.


*The Derull Award is something we joke about. Boyfriend’s DPS warrior is named Derull, and through fault both his own and bad luck, he has nights were he’s dead often. It happened once that he and a rogue we were five manning with were in contest to see who would die most often that night. So, I instituted the Derull Award for the DPS that dies the most throughout the nights encounters.


6 Responses to "It Was Glorious"

Glorious indeed!!!

You took down a titan and pinched his pants. The bards will sing tales of your valour 🙂

Actually it sounds like a fantastic run – I love HoL, I must admit, I think the battles are pretty much pitch perfect, exciting, challenging and not too gimmicky. (it’s no MagT of course =P)

Awesome post! I love nights like that.

I’m actually pretty fond of HoL myself … and depending on which tank I go with, sometimes I even get to sheep the runeshapers.

“Stupid Blast Wave. It’s only funny when I do it.” ah haha

grats on pants and achievement!

Glad you finally got Loken down, I know he has been giving you a hard time. And grats on the pants dropping too!

Yep, you yanked his pants down around his ankles alright!

Great news… nail them to your guild house wall as a reminder to all that it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN the boss falls.

Thanks bunches for all the congratulations. Couldn’t have done it without reading all of your own inspirational blog posts! ^_^

Since downing him that first time, I’ve pugged HoL a few times, and I must say, I think for me it’s the group more than the dungeon that makes it enjoyable. There is however something to be said about filching titan pants. ~_^

Nights like that are what make this game wonderful. The hard work, the blood, the sweat, the tears that make it all worth it in the end. ^_^

Yeah, Blast Wave is only funny when I use it to knock people off Eye of the Storm or something. Now when it nearly kills me.

He was giving us a hard time, but I think it was just that we weren’t quite geared enough as a group to take him.

Yanked his pants right off his ankles and pulled ’em up over mine. ~_^ And it is a good reminder that no matter what, if you keep trying, eventually you will win. ^_^

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