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Getting the Band Back Together

Posted on: August 20, 2009

The preparations that Sprink has to suck it up and make before the 5-man group starts regularly dungeon running again.

Our normal five man group has been taking a bit of a hiatus since before the latest patch, which kinda left me not doing too many dungeons. The only two who’ve been pretty regularly on were myself, our dps warrior and our paladin healer. I’ve gotten in a few groups, mostly guild runs that were badge farming, but still… there’s something I miss about our normal group. We all know each other in real life, and it’s just… comfortable. We don’t really worry about wiping, which brings me to our first group up since the latest patch.

Our poor, poor dk tank has been nerfed. I have to watch my threat. As I mentioned in my last post, threat and me were never really that close. I was usually close with the dps warrior, but the tank was miles ahead of me on threat. Now… I’m usually second in line. Which makes my usually third and sometimes fourth rank dps look terrible. I mean, I didn’t hit higher than 2k until our healer picked me up a pair of new bracers after our last run.

It never occurred to me that I might not be holding my own until we took our first steps into the new Argent Tournament 5-man. Being just above the healer on dps makes me a sad mage.

We started the evening with a Violet Hold, just to get back into our rhythm… and test out the patch changes to our various classes. Things went well enough, and we moved on to that one dungeon with Hadronox that I’m too lazy to look up what it’s actually called. Again, things didn’t go that badly. We wiped a couple times, but it wasn’t terrible.

And then TOC happened. 60 borrowed gold in repair costs later, we still hadn’t beaten the black knight on heroic difficulty. It was then that we decided we should try to find times for us to run 5-mans again and do some badge farming when we could throughout the week. But I’ll be honest… I’ve been slacking. I guess I have no one to blame but myself when I’m at the bottom of the dps list, but I just… I hate farming. And it seems like all the people I want to run with seem to dungeon in the early afternoon, while I’m at work. I’m just not that comfortable being the pug dps either. Not too many people are as forgiving as the normal group, and even the guild pugs when stupid mage is stupid.

Which leads me to the point of this post. I have to farm. I have to suck it up and do it or just resign myself to being the scrub dps I’ve been able to get by as. I have to spend less time poking around on alts and more time trying to get into whatever runs I can get into.

It’s time to make sure I’m not the in-need-of-rehab guitarist when the band gets back together. ^_^

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2 Responses to "Getting the Band Back Together"

Sounds like your tank needs to suck it up and L2P.

Seriously, though, I think our main issue was trying to run things as if there’d been no patch at all. That’s not to say how we run is bad or wrong, just that we need to adapt faster. kek

Nerfs and changes aside, we did fairly well. Once a few gear/talent issues are ironed out, (mostly on the part of the tank) we should be back on track.

Well, we managed to get my gear on it’s way to ironed out with the Loken kill. ~_^

We just need to get back into the touring mindset. The studio’s one thing, hanging out doing easy stuff. It’s the touring that kills you. ^_^

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