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Posted on: August 8, 2009

or, Sprink has to learn to throttle back. Someday.

So, did my first 5 man (not with the normal group) since the patch a few days ago. Now, before I go on, let me mention something. I rock Omen. Religiously. However, I’m almost never at the top of the threat group. Sometimes I’m three or four, but sometimes the healer out threats me. I’m also consistently in the top three of the dps. As long as I’m doing better than one other dps, I’m golden. ^_^ In fact, I’m feeling pretty damn good any time I stay above 1700. 2K is that magic number, but I’m still working on that hurdle. ~_^

So, anyway, the group consisted of a DK tank that isn’t our normal, above and beyond the call of tanking tank; a rogue that we’ve traveled with before, great guy; a druidly healer who kept most of us up (more on that incoming); boyfriend’s warrior who the rogue, boyfriend, and myself make cracks about how many deaths the dps can rack up; and myself, the fiery-est fire mage that ever set things on fire.

So, Violet Hold was the name of the game. Just something short to run before we all called it a night. I haven’t really played Sprink much just prior to the patch, instead playing alts mostly. So this was my first Sprinking of the new patch. I’m totally geeked about Living Bomb crits working towards Hot Streak, and the fact that LB can be cast on multiple targets now. More burnination for me. And the tiny mana refunds for Ignite procs is a bonus as well.

The first pulls went well. When Ichoron came out, we all pouted since he kills everyone’s DPS. Things were going well. I was getting ready to drop down my next Flamestrike/Blizzard layering on the group that spawned from the portal, and just went through those motions as per usual when all of a sudden I was dead just barely into the Blizzard. Flat out d-e-d dead.

The conversation went a little something like this:
Me: What the hell?
Boyfriend: What are you… Why are you dead?
Me: I don’t know.
Boyfriend: Did you pull threat?
Me: I’m just doing what I always do on groups…
Boyfriend: Must’ve pulled threat.

I pulled threat. I haven’t pulled threat from the tank since before I realized there was an add-on that helped you manage that. For the first time in a long time, I’ve had to remember what kind of threat mitigation I have at my disposal. Now, maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the most awesome DK tank, and most awesome backup warrior-tank-that-isn’t-a-tank, but I’ve never had this happen before.

For the rest of the dungeon, I had to actually pay attention to my threat levels. I was second on the threat list for a good portion of the fights. Maybe it was the fact that I managed to get three Hot Streaks almost in a row (LB up, Scorch up, Fireball, Hot Streak, Hot Streak, Fireball, Hot Streak), but I was far higher up on threat than I usually was.

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “Welcome to the club. Took you long enough.” But seriously, how many of you have to pay attention to your threat and throttle back? Or are you like I used to be, blissfully mashing Fireball (or nearest Fireball equivalent) until the cows come home?

Also, a side note, managed to pull the hit trinket off Cynagosa, which actually puts me over hit cap. Time to start trading some hit gear for spellpower gear. ^_^


3 Responses to "Threat"

In 25 mans, I rarely approach the top of the threat meter with a rogue, hunter and kitty druid in front of me. So for the most part, I never have to watch Omen. It was pretty funny during a recent badge run through Naxx, however. We were on Loetheb, just starting the fight before the spores, when I hear the pally tank call out my name and I look at my Omen and I am on top, by a good margin. lol! Can’t remember that happening in a long time.

I normally start each fight with my MIs out and keep an eye on my spot on the Omen list. If I am getting to near the top, I will go all out just before my MIs go away and pop Invis. Once I do that, I can go all out again and rarely get near the top again, even with a string of crits and Hot Streaks.

5 mans I really have to watch, especially if we bring along some alts or an undergeared tank. Then I have to watch Omen more than the fight. 🙂

But you are right, I rarely have to keep an eye on Omen during a fight. I will glance at it just to make sure I am ok (and above all the other mages *laugh*), but for the most part, it’s a non-issue.

i am NOT laughing at his at all.

I haven’t watched the threat meter in ages either… not since WoLK dropped anyway…

But I too have suffered the despair of being ground into the paved floor of an instance recently.. with a DK tank as well…

I think Blizzard broke something (or maybe they fixed it…)

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