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The State of the Sprink

Posted on: July 30, 2009

Welcome to the State of the Sprink Address. Please hold all questions until the end of the post.

Well, since I’ve been kinda doing non-magely things and just mainly mindlessly levelling recently, this post is dedicated to the states of my various characters. Please tune in for your regularly scheduled insanity soon… as well as rp based posts. I’ve got two in the bank, just a few more and I’ll start making them public. ^_^

Sprink – Sprink’s been kinda on the back burner lately. For some reason, I’m feeling the strongest burnout from her… Wait a second. That’s a lot funnier than I originally intended. ~_^ Anyway, she’s been playing sugarmomma to my other toons and basically doing a few PvP dailies, cooking and/or fishing dailies, and the occassional cheesement. I’m sure I’ll get back into playing her more hardcore when our five-man dungeon group gets back into swing.

Tirralyis – Have I mentioned how broken prot pallies are? Like, totally unkillable. It may take you fifteen years to kill a mob, but you are NOT going to die anytime soon, short of blatant stupidity. I may just end up playing her again tonight, actually…

Amaryllith – Ah, my hunter. How do I love your cute hat? ^_^ Now that she’s up to level speed for the area she’s in, things are dropping like flies. I just wish I could remember that she is not capable of conjuring her own food, dammit.

Kinsyth – I don’t know how any of you can level a priest. I don’t. I’m about two seconds away from respeccing disc and waiting for battlegrounds to start giving experience. Little Red Riding Dead just dies too much to quest solo. I honestly think a same level mage has more survivability.

Akeene – I love my little rogue. Vanish is my new best friend. As is fist weapons, once I figure out where I need to go to train them. Rawr.

Luracae – My poor little death knight. I seem to go in spurts with her. I’ll play her nonstop for a few days, to the exclusion of anyone else. Then, I’ll not play her for a while. Then I’ll come back. I think with her engineering and mining finally up to Outland she might see a bit more play.

Karabel – She’s a bank alt. I pretty much just play her a little, get bored, then go back to parking her in Silvermoon. She doesn’t have time to quest; she’s got a job as a day trader.

Bryelle – Gets almost no face time. Poor thing. If I didn’t have Felycia, she’d probably get a lot more play.

Mesia – Have I mentioned that I named my current character in our Exalted game after her, even though they’re not related personality wise at all? Or that she’s actually a character in an awesome old NES game called Crystalis (God Slayer in Japan)? She’s finally getting to that playable stage in druidness. I can finally NOT die whenever I aggro something. I don’t always have to pull things one at a time.

Rixin – There’s something about playing a shaman that makes me want to yell “OP!” Maybe it’s the fact that I soloed a couple of elites. Maybe it’s the fact that I did a few 3 man quests by my onesies. Maybe it’s the truth… ^_^

Quis – I hate the area my frost mage is questing in. I wish I knew the alliance well enough to find another area. Guess I’ll have to suffer through it… kinda like I suffer through the Barrens every time I level a character through there.

Donalee – Hunters are just as OP as shamans. She is wiping the floor with everything in a way that I don’t think any of my other characters, short of Rixin or Nixii, could. Nerf hunters, lol.

Ellabeth – You have such a cool name, and such a cool backstory. Why do you suck so hard core?!? Oh wait, it’s levelling another priest. Still don’t know how anyone can make it to 80 and still be somewhat sane…

Nixii – Playing you is like playing Rhyn… only with girly bits. I think pally is my second favourite class currently.

Luracae – I have the same problem with you that I have with the other Luracae… which I guess is fitting, considering you’re (rp-wise) the more demonic version of that character. Le sigh.

Likori – I never thought playing a warrior could be this much fun. Like, I always thought warriors were too easy/difficult/boring (depending on the day) for me, but playing her these past few days has been more fun than expected. Here’s hoping we keep that up.

Felycia – I have no idea why I haven’t been playing you… other than I think you’re out of quests in Ashenvale. Time to move on to a different area soon, methinks.

Vailia – Again, a druid that is finally of a level to not suck. I totally hated the 10-15 level of druidity. However, everything after that… let’s just say that cat form is win.

Greshen – Shamans. OP. Totally. Especially enhancement ones. ~_^

Rhyndine – My cute little experiment. You look… ridiculous in your current gear. Absolutely. At least you don’t look like the gummiworm that Tirralyis looked like at that level, but still. And at your current level (17), we’ve got another experiment post coming soon. Keep up the good work.

Talic – My little arcane mage that isn’t quite levelled high enough to make the armory. She’s going arcane. Come see her at Senjin Village while she’s still there. ^_^

Sprinkly – Let’s just call her alternate universe Sprink. She’s a Belf hunter on Syrana’s server. Rolled her up on a whim. We’ll see how far she gets. Also not levelled to the point of armory.

And… that about covers it. Altoholic? Me? Never. At least it keeps me occupied. ^_^ Sure, some would call this a filler post, just to let you guys know I’m still around. However, I like to keep these at occassion to look back on and see where these characters were way back when. Some of them may not be much further, some of them may not be here (probably not going to happen, I get too attached to characters too quickly.), but still, it’s nice to have a chronicle of sorts.


6 Responses to "The State of the Sprink"

If I knew you’d get this alt-aholic-y… I might never had coerced you to play. =P

You guys, I have like 4 80’s and somehow across all realms I only have like 40 levels total more than her. (And I have a little alt -itis.) WoW.

wow… alts anyone??

on the priest leveling… it gets better. i dual specced mine at about 65 and now that i can do both healz for dungeons and shadow for questing it has gone by a lot faster. depending on your level, i found mine started dying a lot less around 50 or so… and coincidentally my mage started dying more around this same level… i think i just suck at mage.

i dont think i could keep that many toons straight, much less actually know their names! good luck with all the diversity!

whoa I heard of Altaholic, but we need an intervention

You would have conned me into playing one way or another anyway, and you know it. ^_^

Yes, I have a lot of alts. I like the changes of scenery sometimes. ^_^ And the priest has gotten a lot easier since I remembered to buy my new spells. It’s still like playing a half-leveled mage sometimes, but it’s gotten better.

Like I mentioned, I like the change of scenery. ~_^ That, and it helps me know what I should ask for from other classes.

Dang me and being behind on my reader. I didn’t know you rolled a little Sprinkly on my server! 😀

I did roll a Sprinkly on your server! And she’s so… cute! ^_^

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