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What Type of Mage Are You?

Posted on: July 20, 2009

Does the fact that Sprink is a fire mage say something more than she likes burning things?

Something very interesting occurred to me at work the other day. Is there a certain personality type that gravitates towards certain mage specs? Let’s leave out the flavour of the month players who spec whatever will give them the best raid damage or the best PvP damage/survivability. I’m talking about those of us who, even if we play on a PvP server, find ourselves giving our characters back-stories, personalities, and other such things.

I am a total altoholic. Emphasis on total. And, in my travels across servers, I currently have three mages. Each one is a different spec. There’s Sprink, our well known, beloved fire mage extraordinaire. Quis is my oh-so-survivable frost mage. And Talic, my newest mage, is going arcane once she hits a high enough level to start speccing. And even though there are differences in how you play all three specs, I’m finding interesting things happening depending on who I’m playing.

Talic is my most mobile mage. She’s always jumping around, running through enemies and offering up the occasional random thwack with her staff. She’s a very up close and personal mage. She doesn’t stand at maximum distance, nor does it bother her if the mobs start to get what most clothies would call too close. She dances away with a carefree laugh, casting another instant.

Quis is a very calculating mage. She waits for all her cooldowns to be available, plans out her attack, and executes her plan with the utmost precision. If she needs to be mobile, she already has a contingency plan waiting. She’s always planning the next move, and the move after that, without so much as a flinch. Nothing can break her down, make her panic.

Which brings us to the mage that is by far, the most like me. Let’s just cut to the chase and say that Sprink is insane. Absolutely insane. At the same time, she the most committed, stubborn, patient mage I have. She fully capable of being serious, she just chooses not to unless there’s something serious in her way. And even then… she’s going to have fun with it. She’s going to stand in the back and wave her hands a around in a para para style dance, setting things ablaze. She’s going to plant an explosive in the enemy, and cackle with glee when it goes off. She’s going to plant her feet and keep casting until either she or her target dies. There is no running. There is win or die. She’s going to use the ever famous (at least in my house) words, “You’re on fire, bitch!”

That being said, let’s look into my interactions with other mages. The frost mages I’ve spoken with were all about having a plan, even for something as random as PvP can be. The arcane mages had a touch of a superiority complex about their complexity. And the fire mages? Well… birds of a feather burn things together.

Now a question for the mages that read this. What kind of mage are you? Do you find certain aspects of your personality are more prevalent in your spec of choice, or are you one of the exceptions to the non-rule? And for those of you non-mages, what kind of mage do you think you’d be?

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5 Responses to "What Type of Mage Are You?"

My only mage is the prettiest elf who, despite having dithered to 50, was originally meant to be a bank alt. I made him to look beautiful and brainless, and he flounces around with a siamese cat at his heels and The Rock on his finger. I always knew he was a fire mage and, because of my relationship with the DPS demon, I use him for huge burst damage. But I have to say I play him like a reckless idiot. Because he’s the prettiest elf, he’s fundamentally incapable of believing anyone or anything could possible want to hurt him (gasp!) so I suspect I play him rather like you play Sprinks. There is much cackling at the keyboard, and a certain degree of shrieking. Burn baby burn!

One of the things I really like about mages is, as you point out, the way the talent trees have very distinct personalities behind them. I mean, I’m sure it’s possibly to have a kamikaze frost mage or a calculating fire mage but I think generally people who play fire just want to set shit on fire, people wh play frost are interested in cc and arcane mages … hmm … mysterious bunch.

I am Fire.. I always have been, but I have never really considered the RP side of things… I am just Fire…

Frost.. No.
Arcane… I’ll have a look, but ummm no.
Fire… mmm it burns!

Actually to be honest I am FrostFire right now… and as much as I love it when I iceblock the mob, I miss the thrill of knowing I am going to get hit just as my last cast explodes in it’s face.

I got told to watch my aggro the other night by a mate using his bear tank for the 1st time in a while… I watched it all right… watched it bubble up to explode… then I called out to him and told him to get ready to taunt… cause I wasn’t going to stop!

The thing I love the most tho, it that last 1 or 2 yards… that’s where they tend to fall (or used to at least). Which made it real easy for looting, but it was all about that last cast… would it crit, or would they hit?

Fire…no other type of mage will suffice. Arcane mages are cute with their pretty spells and (sort of) complex rotations. Frost…well, I left Frost long ago when I left MC.

Fire…watching the DoTs fill up my screen from a perfectly placed series of Flamestrike Rank 9 and Rank 8, watching the LB timer and hoping it crits at the end, the endless instant Pyros and no wasted procs.

Fire…there is nothing better.

The song that best describes it all: “Burn” by Deep Purple (yes I am dating myself, but when I substitute “gnome” for “woman” and “he” for “she” in the song and it’s a perfect fit. *grin*)

I love the prettiest elf. He appeals to me on so many levels. ^_^ Burn, baby, burn.

I love that uncertainty of fire magery. The whole ‘is it going to die, or am I?’ aspect is great. Dangerous, but great. I’m terrible about the whole watching aggro thing, too, sometimes. I will or will not say that I’m capable of the whole steal aggro then ice block response of fire magery.

There is no better spec than fire. You are correct, sir. ^_^ I tend to go with “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf. And you’re not dating yourself with Deep Purple. I know exactly who they are. ^_^

Too True – the only way to play fire is edge-of-your-seat, cackling in glee when the enemy lights up in flames or explodes itself and everything around it.

I’ve tried arcane aswell – and it’s another bit of an adrenaline rush (I think the ultimate fire mage song is Adrenaline by Gavin Rossdale – its a great rush when you’re up against an elite, and your survival is balanced between a Hot Streak crit, or it taking another few steps closer…) To ague the Arcane side, there’s nothing quite like being able to dump your entire mana pool in damage in the space of a few seconds. It still hasn’t ceased to impress me.
Of course, though I love Arcane, my problem is that I play arcane with the mentality of a fire mage – dumping everything as much as possible, as often as possible. I should really be conserving my mana but meh – wheres the fun in that??
Well, this mentality with Arcane had me praying to the gods of RNG to not interrupt my Evos on every 2 min cooldown – I must have missed the memo that the WoTLK theme is to always cast the bosses interrupt / aoe damage abilities when the closest arcane mage is Evocating!!

Bah. Fire Rules. I use my Frostfire spec for almost everything, Arcane is perfect for hanging out in Wintergrasp, when some hordie thinks the lone Draenei mage looks like an easy target..

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