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Make Your Own Magic

Posted on: July 8, 2009

Magic 101: Sprink Teaches a Few of Her Tricks for Staying Amused.

First off,  let me take a moment to say good luck to Jong at Forbearance. The blogosphere will be significantly less shiny without you. Hope you’ll still pop around every now and again. ^_^

Now, on to the post…

It seems that a lot of the buzz lately has been about people complaining about how the game has gone to pieces and it’s just “not the same game.” Now, maybe I’m still too shiny and new to the game (I started shortly before Wrath hit.) and maybe I still have too many stars in my eyes. Or maybe I’m just an optimist about things (I can hear some of you laughing from here. ^_^) and don’t want to see things going down. Or maybe I’m okay with just making my own magic.

Call it being a mage. Call it having too many alts. Call it what you will. But if you’re going to play the game, you have to make your own magic.

I had this thought the other day. Now, it was just a fleeting one, but it amused me nonetheless. I was wondering if, after casting Mirror Image, you stripped down to your skivvies, your mirror images would, too.

That kind of thinking is just a small drop in the bucket of contemplation, but it’s a start. It’s that path of thinking, though, that leads away from boredom.

Sure, you can still lament about how the game used to be “so much better” or “so much harder.” But you may not want to. Now, maybe it’s because I’m neither a hardcore raider or hardcore PvPer, but there’s still interesting things in the game.

Tired of raiding? Think there’s nothing new? Start an alt on a different server. Make new friends. See if they’ll run old dungeons, at the level they’re supposed to be run. How long has it been since you stepped foot in Wailing Caverns? How long has it been since you ran an Uldamon at the level you were supposed to be at, not running someone through for gear or levels? Or, if you’re not willing to do that, get your five-man group together, everyone purchase vendor gear of the level of the dungeon, and run it. Anything that drops, you can wear for the rest of the dungeon. Use what you get.

Tired of battlegrounds? Get some people together and make an arena team. Don’t worry about sucking. Just have fun. Tired of arenas? Try some battlegrounds. Get a small group together and run them, just the three to five of you. Or try to work on some of the more obscure achievements for the battlegrounds.

Tired of Horde? Roll an Alliance toon on a different server. Tired of Alliance? Roll up some Horde.

Tired of everything? At the risk of sounding harsh… why are you still playing? Take your $15 a month and spend it on something you’ll enjoy, not something you used to enjoy.

That said, if you’re getting bored with the game, how do you make your own magic? Or if you want some suggestions, comment and we’ll help find something to keep you amused. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, roll up a Horde on Archimonde and drop me a line. I’ll keep you amused or I’m not the most amusing Blood Elf fire mage this side of insanity. ^_^

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Even despite the breaks I’ll take from the game here and there…. making my own magic is what keeps it fun for me. Our guild makes our own magic sometimes (often with my helpful coordination). I’ve had a blast creating different social events to work within the confines of the game mechanics… but it was different and fun!

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You forgot Achievements.. I think these are by far one of the most ingenious additions in Wrath, as it gives a new lease of life to content that can become repetitive.
Getting bored with PvP? Spruce it up and try for the PvP achievements..
Getting bored with raiding? Organise a few old world raids for the achievements, or check if your group is willing to try for the raiding achievements..
Bored with levelling but want to keep playing the same character? Check out the secondary profession achievements, or see if theres any instances you’ve missed out as you were leveling. Challenge yourself to finish the Loremaster of one of the continents achievements as you level up.

The social aspect of the game is mainly what keeps me interested – some of the most interesting things we’ve done so far in game is hosted competitions like level-1 gnome races, treasure hunts or screenshot/picture competitions on our guild forums. Even if you’re a member in a guild and aren’t sure if you’re allowed to organise it, ask the GM or officers of the guild if you can – I know in our case we’d be delighted to hear someone is up for organising events 🙂

I’d be all about social events with my guild, but since I’m a casual in a hardcore raiding guild, I’m sure it makes it kinda hard. But the plus side is, doing things with people I know, like the nekkid Wailing Cavern run I want to do… ^_^

A cheesements. How do I love/loathe thee. I’ve been doing some cheesements on Sprink, since our 5-man group is on a little hiatus due to work schedules and burnout. Other than that, I’ve been playing a lot more of my other characters, with her playing sugar momma as she gets the cheese. ^_^ And the social aspect of the game is totally why I play. In fact, I’m in the process of possibly rolling up a character on some of you other bloggers home servers just to say hi… like Syrana did on Archimonde. ~_^

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