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The Experiment: Level 1 – 10

Posted on: June 29, 2009

Where Sprink dons some facial hair and parades around as a male pally named Rhyndine.

I did it. I finally did it.

I made a male character.

His name is Rhyndine. He’s a blood elf ret pally, and he’s my first… male character. As any of you may know, I was wondering in a previous blog post if I could even make a male character that I could relate to. Well, he’s level 10 now, and I figured now was as good a time as any to start chronicling my journey as a member of the opposite gender.

First things first, I made a few rules for myself. I don’t have anyone other than my other toons on his friends list. I want to see both what it’s like as a boy in WoW, as well as what it’s like ‘starting fresh’ without knowing anyone else. No one even really knows he exists. Yes, my other toons will be providing him with a few things he may need, much like elder siblings would give their hand me downs, but nothing more than any other character would get. Bags, yes. Super epics? No.

So, what’s different that I’ve found in the first 10 levels? Truth be told… not much. The main difference I’ve seen is that I don’t get random tells asking me questions about where things are. Or if I want to group up to kill something. In fact, I just get random group invites from people in the area as a male. As if I’m supposed to know what people want to group for.

I’ve also noted that people don’t drive-by buff or drive-by help out as a male. Now, it could be that I’m playing on a slightly lower population server than normal. Or, it could be that’s how it goes. As Sprink, I was constantly getting Power Word: Fortitude or even Unending Breath at random as people ran by. Rhyn… not so much. As for the drive-by help out, Sprink would get random help if she was failing fast, but Rhyn… nope. Be a man. Suck it up. And if Sprink helps someone out, I get at least a ‘thx’ with an emote. Rhyn gets… attacked by the mob he accidentally aggro’ed. Be a man. Suck it up.

We’ll see what the next 10 levels offer as to differences.

Good luck, Rhyndine, and may you have more interesting stories to tell for the next installment.

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7 Responses to "The Experiment: Level 1 – 10"

haha. I rolled a girl troll mage this weekend. I don’t know if wanna go frost or elemental. She’s awesome. She shoots fire balls and slow falls.

AweSome Jong remember to add your girl troll to your list of toons !! rofl

My money’s on it being the difference between a mage and a pally. I noticed a big difference between my paladin main (when she was my main) and leveling my mage. My paladin used to drive-by buff wisdom or might on people, sometimes even heal if she saw people getting into trouble (thats landed me in trouble more than once).

My mage was less giving – i was trying to level her quicker and had less of an inkling to buff everyone in sight, but she got a lot more freebie buffs from others.

I did kind wonder briefly about that, but its your post that made me think about it again.
I wonder if it has to do with buff-backs? (I buff you, you buff me back?) Getting a 30 minute intellect buff when leveling as a caster > a 10 minute wisdom buff any day…

Interesting! I’m female and fairly new to WoW, and I play a male belf mage on a high-pop server. I rarely chat with other players, yet my boy seems to get a lot of drive-by buffs from pallys and priests (though I’ve never played a female toon so I’ve nothing to compare to).

I do wonder if, as Egeria suggested, part of the difference is due to Rhyn being a pally and Sprink being a mage. Maybe people are more inclined to give a squishy clothie a helping hand, whereas it’s assumed pallys can take care of themselves? Or did you find your female pallys getting more help than Rhyn is currently receiving? In any case, I look forward to more of his leveling adventures.

Go fire. It’s the best. ~_^

It could very well be the difference between a mage and a pally; it had crossed my mind. But, that said, I’m not entirely sure that’s all of it. We’ll see what the future has and if anything changes.

Ah, the male belfs. The pretty boys always get the buffs. ~_^ I do have a female pally on my home server, and she seems to get more help than Rhyn does, but it could be that’s she’s prot and takes FOREVER to kill things. ^_^

Ahh, but the beauty of Prot pallys is that its so incredibly hard to die..

I found theres a huge mentality difference between playing pallys and mages.. after playing a pally for so long, when i rolled poor Ege first i kept forgetting that i had to stop mobs from getting too close to me.

For prot paladins? The more beating on you, the merrier and faster you level.. and you cant help but feel that “River-at-the-end-of-Serenity” awesome from finishing up a fight surrounded by dead bodies..!

I never could buff with my hunter, and with my shaman all i could do is throw up an earth shield and heal you if you were getting beat on. so being that those were the first 2 that i leveled, now that i am leveling my priest it is always an afterthought to buff… even myself at times. now, when someone helps me out i do always give out thank you buffs, but random drive by buffs are just about the last thing i even think to do.

but, as my only male toon, i find i have a lot of the same stuff happen to him as has happened to you. he gets random invites. no whispers, just a box in the middle of my screen asking me to join a group. and the other think i noticed is when you accept the invite there is not as much “hello… we are doing this… how are you…” it is just kill stuff and cya later. weird.

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