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My Time With the Alliance

Posted on: June 22, 2009

Just think, if Blood Elves were never introduced to the Horde, Sprink would be a… Night Elf Hunter?

Let it not be said that I am not totally For the Horde at heart. The Alliance pretty much abandoned us elves, and we only had our little addiction to keep us company. Were we dicks for only sending the bare minimum for troop support? Yeah. But we’re HIGH elves! What do you expect? We’re better than you. ~_^ So when we looked for a side to join in the whole world politics thing, we looked at how the Horde, barbaric as they could be, were useful. Sylvanas leading the Forsaken may or may not have helped. I’m not telling.

But since Sprink hit epic flying and our normal group taking a little time off from dungeon running, she’s been kind of sitting on the back burner. Now, I have my pretty little prot pally I can play, or my hunter, but… well… I’ve been hankering to play my lowbie Alliance toons.

Let it be known that the main difference I chose to play on an RP server and not another PvP server was, and I totally admit it, I couldn’t bring myself to kill my Horde brethren. I’ll steal a page from Jong’s book and claim this as reconnaissance. If I hadn’t played a night elf, I totally would not have known to book it straight through Darnassus to get to the bonfire for flame keeper. Nor would I have known where the hell Stockades is, or how easy it is to make a run for the tram from there to get to Ironforge. So, total reconnaissance here.

Funny thing is, I’ve found that I have more of an affinity for the BC races than the other ones, something I didn’t realize until I looked at my Alliance character list. The majority are… space goats. A shaman, a paladin, a death knight, all space goats. Two humans. A dwarf. A night elf. And a partridge in a pear tree… but no gnomes. ~_^

I’m also using this to play specs I normally wouldn’t play. Sprink will never be a frost mage. But Quis can be one. Amaryllith won’t be a marksman hunter, but Donalee is a sureshot. And the Draenei death knight Luracae is the ‘demonic’ version of the blood elf death knight Luracae, something I drew upon an Exalted character’s backstory for from our Saturday roleplaying.

Mostly though, I wanted to see what it was like on the other side. And truth be told… it’s not that different. Go kill X number of murlocs is still go kill X number of murlocs. Go collect 10 boar tusks is now go collect 10 wolf pelts. For the Alliance is just the flip side of For the Horde. We’re not really all that different.

So, in closing, I would like to apologize to all those I’ve honor killed in the past, all those I’ve ganked in the past, all those I’m going to honor kill in the future, and all those I’m going to gank in the future. (It’s a vicious cycle, I know.)

… Except for that one guy. You totally deserved it. ~_^


4 Responses to "My Time With the Alliance"

but no gnomes. ~_^

I’m sad…

But yeah, it’s the same difference, no matter which side of the faction fence you sit on…

Still going from Horde to Alliance injected life into my play time that rolling another Horde race couldn’t.

Of course, rolling a Gnome was the best decision ever…

I tried rolling horde toons: Tauren Druid, Undead Rogue, Troll Mage, BE Mage. I just didn’t stick with them. Didn’t like the areas I started in and I didn’t care for the capital cities. Guess I am an Alliance player at heart.

“We looked at how the Horde, barbaric as they could be, were useful.”

If this is a reference to the male blood elf joke about having steak every night because ye’re allied with the Tauren.. then I tip my hat to you in Respect!!! (and giggle my little spacegoat ass off)

See, were it not for blood elves and the friends who got me to play being ‘Horde til you die’, Sprink would have been a night elf hunter, I’m sure. But if someone’s going to convince me I need a gnome someday far, far, FAR into the future, it’s probably you. ~_^

I think my favourite area was the blood elf starting zone. I’m not a fan of the orcs/trolls, but every time I look at the belf one, I’m in awe of the pretty. I feel the same about the night elf one.

Actually, I wasn’t really thinking of that. More… canon fodder. ~_^ However, now that you mention it… bring on the steak!

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