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Bring the Player, Not the Class.

Posted on: June 15, 2009

Sprink the Mage, Now with Summonable Plate Armor, Healing Pet and Melee DPS?

EDIT: This was a stream of consciousness post. If something doesn’t make sense, please let me know, and I’ll explain it. If something offends, my apologies; it was unintentional. If something sounds cool… I totally meant it. ^_^

Blizzard’s theory on WoW leaves me with a slight bad taste in my mouth. While I can agree with not wanting to bring some player who isn’t qualified just for their character’s class, it takes something away from the core of each class. I don’t want to have to group with someone who is more interested in being dumb than getting whatever we’re grouped to do done.

As every class gets more and more ‘crossover’ type abilities, the classes themselves seem lose a little bit of magic… a little bit of ‘special.’ How long before Hunters can teleport? Or Warriors can death grip? Or Priests can melee fight?

Let me mention that this incarnation of Sprink was not the first. I used to play EverQuest, and in that incarnation, she was an elven wizard. I can’t remember if she was high elf or wood elf, but that really doesn’t matter. She’s also been my go-to girl for any character I’ve made, my main for whatever I play. She’s always an elf of some sort, and if the magic using class isn’t available for whatever reason to the elves, she’s usually a ranger/hunter type. Regardless, she’s always been an elf and a mage.

Let me also mention that I probably would not have played Horde were it not for the blood elves. Sprink is, has and always will be an elf. Regardless of her actual class, she’s an elf. I could have made an orc, or a troll or anything else, but she wouldn’t be Sprink.

But I’m getting away from my original point. I think. Classes change all the time, based on patches and updates and whatnot. Players do not. I understand how some may not want to use only flavour of the month builds with flavour of the month classes for both PvE and PvP, but there has to be a breaking point.

Part of the reason I usually play some sort of magic user is it fits… me. My only 80 right now is a mage, with the closest non-death knight being a high 30s prot pally. Will I play my other characters up to 80? Possibly. Likely even for some of them. I’m going to be the sort of player who is fully capable of bringing out a great dps character, or a great tank, or a great healer on demand. There’s just not enough room in my head for that many different strategies and ways of playing. I just can’t be that person. If anyone else can, that’s great, and I really mean that.

Which brings me to something that I literally just thought of. If we’re bringing the player, and not the class, and let’s assume someone only plays healer type characters, they’re only going to be called on when a healer type character is needed. So… you’re only bringing that player because of his class anyway.

This isn’t to say I want it to go the other way either. I really don’t want to see groups form up just because you HAVE to have a mage for this fight, or you HAVE to have a rogue. Especially if your normal core group doesn’t consist of those options.

Ideally, I’d like each class to have it’s own… flavour. What makes warriors special? Build up their uses around that. What makes warlocks different from everyone else? Use that. What makes shamans a go-to class? Run with that. Some overlapping is expected, but let’s not turn every class into just a name alone. Different races have different racial abilities which make them special, different from everyone else; let’s have classes follow the same pattern.


5 Responses to "Bring the Player, Not the Class."

“I don’t want to have to group with someone who is more interested in being dumb”

That’s not nice. Although it may appear otherwise, I have no particular inclinations for nor make special efforts to be dumb. I’m just naturally dumb.

You are a belf mage? I thought you were troll mage for some reason.

You are right. I like the unique qualities of the classes and when they cross over in some ways, its disappointing. DK can create these iceblocks for folks…I thought that was crazy since you have hunters to do that and mages for nova.

At least Blizz could be creative and make it fire pit that keeps them in place or somethin hehehe

“Part of the reason I usually play some sort of magic user is it fits… me.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I guess for me, it gets qualified even further as I am a damage-dealing magic user, not a healer. 🙂 My only 80 is a mage. I have a 70 SPriest and a 70 Rogue (hmmm…more DPS, what a surprise *laugh*), but I just can’t seem to level them any more. Our guild could use more healers (who’s guild doesn’t?), but I am not sure I could move to a healer mindset, even though I would still be using magic.

So bring me for damage…it’s what I do. 🙂

Totally nothing personal. Besides, you’re not naturally dumb. You’re naturally AWESOME. ^_^ And yes, I am a belf. We belfs have to stick together. ^_^

I agree with your agreement. ^_^ Mostly, I get a little disappointed when something that was considered ‘defining’ for a class suddenly becomes something another class can do. I like feeling special. ~_^

Sprink would most certainly not be a healer either. In any other incarnation, she was always a hunter/ranger type. Still damage dealing, still ranged. ^_^ I want to try healing though, just to see what it’s like. Just once. Then go burn some things repeatedly until I get the heals out of me. ~_^

I really liked the unique flavor that the old racials used to have. Especially for my priest. Though I still remember when you couldn’t run Kara without shackles and raiding without a pally for salvation was suicide.

I remember when there were only a handfull of classes that could effectively aoe and they would be taken for specific fights because of that.

Some of the uniqueness is gone I’ll admit. For the most part though it has gone a long way to improving the game. For the most part the buffs that are shared are atleast done so in a class unique way. If my shamans elemental oath was allways active like a moonkins… that would be too much alike.

I think it is kinda of funny though, that CC is almost completely forgotten. They added CC to almost all classes but they aren’t needed because the game has been simplified.

Anyway sorry to ramble on. I guess what I’m saying is I see and agree with both sides of the argument. I miss some of the uniqueness… but I also remember the cost that it came with.

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