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10 Reasons Being a Mage Rocks

Posted on: June 9, 2009

Or, 10 Reasons Sprink Thinks Everyone Should Reroll Mage NOW.

Too much ‘blahness’ around the blogosphere lately, and the fact that I took a three day weekend off work means we get a happy, silly, frivilous, magetastic post here. ^_^ As if mages didn’t get enough love, let’s take a few minutes to line up the reasons they rock. Please note, these are in no particular order other than the order I thought them up in.

1. Teleportation

Whether you’re the mage yourself, or one of the mage’s buddies, you have to admit that teleportation is one of the best ideas EVAR. Oh, quest needs me to go from Undercity to Thunder Bluff? Mmmmm, there. Done in Icecrown and want to head to Shattrath? Mmmmm, there. Don’t feel like walking the minute it would take to get from picking up crystal carrots back to Dalaran? Mmmmm, lazy mage is there.

2. Conjured Food and Water

Who doesn’t love the ability to stand there in the middle of the dungeon and create a table of refreshing goodness? Okay, so you need your friends for the actual table, but it’s not like you can’t just do it yourself. At no cost! Mages are frugal. ~_^

3. Fire

Specifically, setting things on fire. Yes, I am fire specced. Yes, I cackle maniacally when Ignite procs. Yes, I feel a little tingly inside when Living Bomb explodes.

4. Excusable Insanity

Maybe it’s just the group I run with, but if anyone else were to try and pull off the crazy shit I do… it just wouldn’t work. Humming the “Ride of the Valkyries” while flying on a carpet is not expected of something like a warrior. But a mage? Expected. Battleground kamikaze mage, rushing in and blowing all her cooldowns and instants before a near instant death? Expected… sorta. Running through Karazhan or Nexus and moaning in pleasure every time that Loose Mana happens? Blood elf mage; I get it twice for that one.

5. Spellsteal

I’ll admit, when I first got this spell, I was like “What do I need this for?” Now? Now I’m the queen of the drive-by spellsteal. Alliance priest rolls by? Your Fort is mine. Pally? Gimme Kings. Druid? I swear, I really do need your Thorns. Really.

6. Counterspell

It’s just like a big “NO” sign to casters. ^_^ Lock the pally out of his entire spell set, or that druid? I’m on it.

7. Ice Block

Okay, so it’s no bubble, but it’s the second best “oh shit!” button out there. That, and there isn’t anything better in a battleground than having people waste their time on you doing nothing while your groupmates burn them down.

8. Slow Fall

I was intoxicated and accidentally ran off the side of Storm Peaks. Enough said.

9. Mirror Image

What could possibly be better than one of me? Four of me! And with their increased AI, now they won’t do such stupid things as attacking polymorphed targets, or run off and pretend they are mage tanks and can rock an elite group of mobs by themselves.

10. Invisibility

Don’t feel like killing that mob between you and the next room? No problem. Need to make a strategic retreat from that ganker? No dots, no problems.

Well, that’s all I have for now. If I missed any, comment! Mages of the world, revel in your awesomeness!


9 Responses to "10 Reasons Being a Mage Rocks"

Great post. I like!

I was dueling a mage and he counterspelled my holy light. It made me really mad.

10 Reasons Being a Belf Ret Pally Rocks

1. …errrm… I got nothing

Great list…I would add Sheeping to that and just being adorable in general:)

1. Too right.. especially during ingame events.
“Orphan wants to go where? …”zap””

2. I just don’t get some people, I make them food and they don’t use it… I cry on the rare occasion I jump on an alt… I want to get a friend over so I can conjure, trade, log, log, trade…

That’s why I don’t play alts!

3. Fire… Mmmmuuuuuhhhhhaaaahhaha

4. And dying is an acceptable result… Ohh it’s the Mage.. he was bound to die.

5. Never use it enough… keybound and forgotten… must wind it up again.

6. I love the counterspell pull

7. Tanks laugh at me when I Iceblock… “What you don’t trust me?”. Thing is, I trusted them the 7 times before, then had to go repair…

8. Easiest way to get out of stormwind mage tower…

9. I just love the way they confuse the healers too. At least I am not getting hit while they find the right target.

10. Invis is the bees knees….

11. Gnomes… can be Mages… that’s why I love Mages.

You forget how spoiled you can get being a mage! Until I decided to level an alt, I didn’t really grasp the pain of having to buy food and not have instant transportation. 😦

And when I dual spec’d I didn’t immediately get the slow fall glyph because there were none on the AH and I had a request in with a guild inscriptionist. Until I got that glyph I fell. . .a lot. . .and died a lot lol. Stupid light feathers. To actually NOT have the ability to slow fall sucks!

Anyways – I loved the post!!

And I love being a mage 🙂

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Gnome Fire Mage — ’nuff said!

What I really love is going to 25Naxx, tossing a living bomb on a huge spider and then chain casting Flamestrike when the Prot Pally tries to show off his tanking ability by pulling as many spider packs as possible. It’s a wonder my video card can keep up with all the numbers. 🙂

@ Jong
Yeah, it kinda sucks when you only have one school of magic to pull on. It also sucks when you accidentally counterspell that frost mage’s arcane spell. Good job, locking him out of the school he doesn’t use. Rawr. And ret pallies are awesome! They beat me everytime.

@ Cathy
Oh yeah! Sheeping! I almost forgot about that! That’s going to have to go on the next list whenever I get around to making it. ^_^

@ Gnomeaggedon
I agree with your points entirely. ^_^ Even the gnome one to an extent. ~_^

@ Eury
Ah, being a spoiled mage. I can’t tell you how many times my pally was like, “I’ll just head to… crap. Where’s the nearest flight path?” The most common thing I say when playing alts is “Fuck walking. Walking sucks. Wish I was a mage.”

@ Markus
My personal favourite AoE layer is dropping a flamestrike then spamming blizzard right over it. My screen is only numbers. ^_^

“I was intoxicated and accidentally ran off the side of Storm Peaks. Enough said.”

Came very close to spluttering tea all over my keyboard in laughter at this one.. because its sooo true and i’ve done this soooo many times myself!!
Though not Storm peaks.. yet..

You forgot Blink! All those other suckers have to walk from the bank to the auction house and back.. we cut out journey in half.. apart from needing to do a little jump before you hit the button to make sure the damn thing actually works..

I’ve slow falled of almost every tall place in WoW, I love it.

Mages have spoiled me, I’m trying to level a pally, it’s going pretty rough with out my ports.

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