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Guyliner and Manscara

Posted on: June 1, 2009

Sprink wonders what it’s like to wear pants and have facial hair.

All of my toons are girls. All of them. Which I guess is expected, since I’m a girl.

But there’s a small part of me that wonders what life is like on the other side of the coin. Would it really be any different running across Azeroth letting out a manly laugh and helping out damsels in distress? And what about interactions with other people? Would that same guy walk up to me and just hand over like, 1000 arrows to my level 2 hunter if she didn’t have a nice rack? Would my strats for bosses be given a little more weight in a PUG if I wasn’t wearing this half-shirt with a matching pair of panties and thigh highs? Would I get less for porting people from Undercity to Thunder Bluff if I wasn’t walking around in a skirt?

Now, before this goes into being a “girls have it easier” or “boys have it easier” rant, let me just say that everyone has it easier for different reasons that all matter. I’m mostly just curious as to what the other side is like.

So I tried. I really, truly did. I sat at the character screen on Thorium Brotherhood (like I’m going to roll an experiment on my home server ~_^) and made sure the button for “male” was pushed.

And I stared.

And stared.

Sighed some, then clicked on the next race.

I went through all the Alliance, and all the Horde, and I just couldn’t do it. I played with faces, hairstyles, races, and everything else you can customize, and all I ended up with was a nameless male of each race that I wasn’t ready to call my own. I couldn’t even come up with a name I liked. I just couldn’t… connect to my character. I’m a total roleplayer at heart, and as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, even my PvP realm characters have a “backstory” of some sort… things they won’t do (Sprink will never spec frost. Evar.) or things they won’t say (Tirralyis is surprisingly reserved in trade chat).

I think it’s because there’s a tiny aspect of me in each of my characters. Sprink is my whimsy; she blows things up without a thought to consequence. Tirralyis, my reserve. Amaryllith, my animal lover. Kinsyth, my goth side. Akeene, my sneaky side. Luracae, my bad girl side. And the list goes on. I even play them all a little different, not because of their different classes, but just the way I go about questing/farming.

Am I crazy for doing this? On a PvP server, no less? Or do we all have a small part of ourselves in our characters, whether we like it or not?


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I coudln’t play my toon if I couldn’t relate to it either. If I could do it all over again, I’d roll an Orc warrior like Grom Hellscream. I just rolled my first alliance toon on my friend’s server and I really like it.

I don’t think its just because my toon is a female but my main toon’s name “Justamom” I found has drawn very positive attention. Generally first with “are you really a mom” then “wish my mom played”.

It really has been a positive experience playing. Not that I get anything extra but generally I think the young guy players are a little more respectful and find it funny that I play at my old age hehehe.

Its been fun:)

i have a boy toon… my son picked out his features and he bears a name similar to that of my son. made it a bit easier to relate to him, though i should have made him a dwarf so he was shorter. other than that – all the boys i tried to make got deleted. so, i guess i am much the same in that i have to relate to them in some way. i have even contemplated changing my one boy to a girl – though i never could cause then my son would be sad.

I have one Orc warrior on my sister’s server. For some reason, I just can’t connect to them like the pretty blood elves. There’s just something about knowing you’re better than everyone else and flaunting it that appeals to me. ~_^

I wish my mum played too! ^_^ Yeah, it’s funny how some people treat you different when they find out how old you are.

I finally managed to make a boy toon… then promptly deleted him after not even finishing one quest. Guess I’m just destined not to play a boy for now. Maybe I’ll try again tonite. ^_^

I tried playing a female toon, but too many interruptions with whispers. Drove me up the wall. I should have realized it ahead of time though. Who can resist a female gnome in pigtails? 🙂

But my mage relates to me on many levels. I read fantasy for the wizards and magic, I am a chemist in real life so alchemy was a no brainer and teleportation and travelling alone just go hand in hand. The only thing that doesn’t match is playing gnome when I am 6’2″ in real life. lol

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