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Once Bitten

Posted on: May 27, 2009

A New Challenger Has Entered the Battleground: Sprink!

You cannot get rid of the PvP bug. It doesn’t matter how much PvE you do, once you get a good battleground win, or even a half-assed one, you’re hooked.

I don’t know what it was that made me want to start PvPing, but now that I’ve started… I’m rocking Wintergrasp boots, and honor shoulders and bracers. I can’t wait to finish out a decent set. Then, I might actually start arena-ing.

Don’t get me wrong, for as much as I am a carebear stuck on a PvP server, there are certain times when I will look around, spot a red, and he’s dead. I seem to have a particular soft spot for shamans and gnomes (Sorry Gnomeaggedon, it’s nothing personal. One too many Gnome DK/Warlock gankings in Tarren Mill, I think.). Thank god there’s no gnome shamans, or I might never get any work done.

Let me get this out of the way though. I’m terrible at PvP. Terrible. I’m so used to the school of magery that tells you to plant your feet, start casting, and pray that they’re dead before they get to you. I can’t kite to save my skin. For all the shit I talk, my lifetime kills are currently at just over 800. I’m level 80. That’s roughly 100 per level, if you want to put it that way. Most people I talk to are pushing 5k at least. My total battlegrounds entered is under 30. My world PvP skills suck so bad I have to call across the room when I’m being harassed to get the boyfriend to save me.

I want to be better at PvP. And I know there’s a few things I need to do to get there.

First, dual spec. Now, that has to wait until after I buy epic flying (less than 1k left to go!), but I still think I need it. My current spec is still a soloing spec that I use for PvE. Could it be better? Yes. But I like it, and that’s another story for another day. But it doesn’t work so great in PvP. And, as silly as this may sound, I fully believe Fire can make a viable battleground spec. Arena? Let’s take it one step at a time. But BGs? I’m all about it. Sprink will not spec into that other spec… not Arcane… the other one. ~_^

Second, more PvP gear. Enough said there.

Third, practice. I’m not that familiar with battlegrounds that aren’t Arathi Basin, and to a lesser extent, Eye of the Storm. However, since doing the dailies, I think Alterac Valley has surpassed Arathi Basin in BGs I’ve won. At like, three.

Other than that, I’m really not sure where to go. Like I said, eventually I want to try out the Arenas, but I want a better PvP gear set first. Any further suggestions from you guys?

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I started doing arenas with my friends a few weeks ago. I don’t know how long I can keep running though. I hate losing so much and I lose all the time. It’s really fun when we win though.

I hope you have fun running bgs and get decked out for arenas!

First, dual spec. I don’t blame you for wanting the epic flight first, especially being so close. I decided dual specs were more important to me personally, but that’s because I already had arena in the plans. What you have will work fine for BGs…heck if you read Wow Insider (or WoW.com now I guess) Arcane Brilliance had a great article on playing fire in PvP, and you’ve got the fun stuff already (blast wave, dragon’s breath).

For getting the gear … there’s nothing wrong with starting out in the crafted Frostsavage set. Other than that, just grind honor to upgrade those. Rocking Wintergrasp as often as possible is still worth a lot, even with the quests now weekly rather than daily. Don’t forget to look at the WG token gear along with the honor gear in Org. I’ve got those same boots you’re wearing, they’re pretty darn awesome.

Try to do a mixture of BGs to get tokens to turn in for more honor. That makes it a little less important whether you win or lose, although sticking to one your faction wins a lot in your battlegroup is not a bad idea, either.

Oh, one more thing …. that other spec? Yeah, Roz has never and will never go there, either. 😉

Don’t wait to start arenas. Find somebody, anybody, and start a team. You get the same amount of points for a team rated 1-1499 as you do for a 1500 rated team. So jump right in there and be sure to go to arenajunkies.com.
Also, be sure to make a mage table when you go into BGs. Healers honestly watch you more. Best of luck!

The only part of PVP I enjoy are guild group BGs. I love being on vent with a bunch of folks and having a plan. Even if we lose, at least we can say we worked together to give our opponent a good fight.

The quick communication absolutely helps and we definately have more wins than losses.

Glad to see you are enjoying the PVP so much:)

“I seem to have a particular soft spot for shamans and gnomes (Sorry Gnomeaggedon, it’s nothing personal. One too many Gnome DK/Warlock gankings in Tarren Mill, I think.). Thank god there’s no gnome shamans, or I might never get any work done.”

Yeah, that’s the problem with Gnomes (and Shaman).. we have such a chip on our shoulders that we will gank flies all day… assuming we are promised the one-shot

@ Jong
Boyfriend and I started an arena team. Mage/Warrior. We’re currently 0-10. ^_^;; BGs though, still cool. Except Warsong Gulch. I hate Warsong Gulch.

I’m currently 100g away from epic flying, and dual spec is next on the list. I’ve read Arcane Brilliance’s pvping as fire post, and I’m definitely going to use some of the ideas there. I’ve started with the Frostsavage crafted set, and I’m already upgraded on the shoulders and bracers. ^_^ Thx for all the advice! Glad I’m not the only one staying away from that other spec. ~_^

Thx for the advice. As I mentioned, bf and I made an arena team, and it was definitely a learning experience. Now I have more of an idea as to what I should be doing. TOTALLY different world from PvE… and even BGs. And I’ve found that if I kamikaze mage it up, I seem to get more heals. Weird. ^_^

That’s the main reason I like playing with people I know. If we lose, it’s not so bad. ~cough~0-10~cough~

lol gank flies. At least you’re a mage. That counts for a lot in my book. And a fire mage. That counts for more. ~_^

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