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Farming Solo

Posted on: May 16, 2009

Green Acres is the place for Sprink to be, but solo grinding isn’t the life for me.

Farming. Grinding. Making money.

Call it what you want, but I can’t stand doing it… solo.

Which isn’t to say I don’t occasionally enjoy running around by my onesies, setting things on fire and laughing maniacally. And don’t get me started on how much I can’t stand sharing quest drops for those “get 10 of these items that only have a 2% drop rate” quests. But, I’m a mage on a mission. That mission, since I chose to accept it, is getting to ride that fancy schmancy epic carpet.

I’m currently sitting on 2700 gold towards the 5k. After a month.I know for a fact that if I set myself to it and nose to the grindstone’d, I’d be flying high (and fast) right now.

So what’s holding me back?

I hate running solo for more than like, a couple hours. I get… bored? Maybe? I guess? There’s just something more appealling to me to run with a friend or two (nods to Salandus/Derull/Llementas, Vengilus/Phentilus, and Amenthas), killing things together and laughing, making jokes, and generally causing destruction and chaos wherever we go. We’re Horde, that’s what we do. ~_^

Let’s just take the Argent Tournament dailies as an example. Usually, I have at least one sword quest from the day before (you’ll all see why in a moment) still in my log. We pick up Chillmaw, kill 10/15 Scourge, kill the mounted guys down at the Argent BFE camp, rock the socks off seven guys from atop a rainbow chicken, and our respective sword quests. We usually do all our jousting quests solo, mostly because we’re always waiting for someone to show up for the other quests. By the time the Avengers have group has assembled, it’s off to Chillmaw. A trinket, Scorch, Living Bomb, and a couple fireballs from me later, he’s down, as are his minions. Then it’s off to Argent BFE, where we basically ride right through the opposition, claiming our victorious rewards. Close by, we make a stop to kill some Scourge as quickly as possible. By this time, everyone’s ready to go do their sword quests. However, if I only have one of them in my log, I just teleport to Dalaran and wait to see what everyone’s doing after the sword quests. If I have more than one, I’ll go do them… then port to Dalaran and wait to see what everyone’s doing after the sword quests. It occurs to me that I spend an awful lot of time in the city of mages…

That up there, that’s fun. What’s not fun for me is having to find other people to do a couple of those quests with, and doing the rest by myself. The other day, I got home from work to find that everyone else had done their dailies already… including Chillmaw. I did my jousting, my Scourge killing, and flew down to Argent BFE to knock those quests out since I couldn’t remember where Chillmaw spawned. While I am eternally grateful for the kindly priest who helped me do those dailies, I hate being “that person” who types in general chat “lfg whatever that quest is called.” Because I wait. And wait. And I watch a few other Hordies doing the quests ride right on by and completely ignore my presence. Wait some more. Post in general again. Finally, I am saved by the kindness of blood elf priestly strangers. That done, I finally make it over to where Chillmaw is, see that there’s a few people there… and the dragon’s down. Crap. I’m so fed up that I ended up abandoning that quest for the day, porting to Dalaran and fishing in the fountain for a little while.

So, I guess, the moral of this story is, if you are the kind of person who can do essentially PUGing without feeling silly, any tips for this shy little elf? Same goes for those of you who can single-handedly knock out 13 gold dailies like they’re going out of style. Any tips from you guys, too?


3 Responses to "Farming Solo"

I’m sorry to say it but I love to farm. I don’t do dailies but I love to farm herbs or mats that will bring me gold. Try listening to a podcast while you farm so you can get a laugh or learn about some upcoming stuff in WOW. Lots of great WOW podcasts out there:)

Play the auction house. Herbs are especially hot…watch someone to put some up ridiculously low and resell them or any other hot item. Find out some hot vendor purchased patterns/recipes you can get for next to nothing and put them up for a reasonable amount.

Lots of ways to avoid farmin alone…:)

I guess maybe it’s just that I’m not usually in the mood to farm. And I’m currently at 3k towards epic flight due to playing the auction house. My mote/primal and crystallized/eternal market is thriving on my server. ~_^

I’ll have to try to find some good podcasts, though. Because I know if I get the right rotation to keep my attention on Winamp, dailies/questing/farming goes a LOT easier. ^_^

I have been playing solo for all my WoW gaming history… sure I play with 6 mates.. but 7 isn’t a group, it’s a group +2, and all my mates play much more than I, so they are never on the same wavelength as me.

Take Saturday night… we finish Naxx 10, 5 of them run off for an instance, 1 logs…

40 minutes later they are talking about another instance… at which point one of my mate stops and says…

“Ohh, what about Gnome… that’s a bit rude of us”

But the reality is, I would have run the 1st instance, but it was time for bed by the 2nd.

Tips… Either:
1) Forget completely about group quests… if you do get a part of a pug, you wont get the rest…
2) Line up as many group quests as possible, then book your mates in.

Otherwise take any assistance you can get, and make sure to offer it back again… hopefully you will stumble across the pug later.

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