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Posted on: May 13, 2009

Sprink waxes poetic about WinterLag.

Ah, the bane of my existence. Whether I’m there or not, I’m suffering for it. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.


And not just any kind of lag. The kind of lag that drops my normal 40-60 fps down to 7. That’s right. Seven. Frames. Per. Second. It’s the only place in the world where I spend more time waiting to resurrect than actually fighting anything. Mind you, that’s only when I’m in WG. If I happen to be doing my Argent dailies, or just poking about Icecrown, Storm Peaks, hell, Northrend in general, I’m stuck mashing ‘1’ for Fireball and seeing… nothing. Except my health going down. Gods help me if I’m trying to farm something in Sholozar for cooking dailies or whatnot.

So, in order to “help” the lag issue, Blizz’s made it so the quests are weekly quests for WG. Am I the only one who doesn’t think this will help at all? It’s not going to stop people from going in there and PvPing, or staking out a good spot to start farming elementals once the battle’s over. (I am totally guilty of going to WG and racing towards the fire area so I can farm crystallized fires.) Weekly quests are not going to keep people out of there. Well, let me rephrase that. Weekly quests are going to do one of two things; either everyone will try to get their quests done early in the week, making the early parts of the week laggy as hell and the latter parts completely dead, or nothing will happen and people will keep doing what they’ve been doing.

I like the idea they had for making it an actual, unphased PvP zone. It’s a neat idea… like Communism. Great in theory, terrible in practice.

They could totally make the whole zone instance as soon as the battle begins, but what happens to all the people there just… hanging out? And it kinda defeats the purpose of the unphased, uninstanced zone. Not gonna happen.

They could phase the area, so only those participating in the quests can see what’s going on. But that won’t help the lag either, since the same servers are being used to run the phased zone as the regular zone. And what happens when everything ‘phases’ back in?

The only real solutions I can see are adding more power to Northrend in general (computer-wise, guys ^_^) or giving up on the whole thing. Adding a few extra server blades to the mix will help alleviate the lag, even a little. Hell, at this point, I’d be happy to hit double digits for fps.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve groaned about how much WinterLag sucks when my friends are all “Five minutes to WG!” It’s gotten to the point that area isn’t fun anymore. And, what do we do with parts of games that aren’t fun anymore? That’s right, we go do something else. Like get the Onyxia achievement and heroic Magister’s Terrace. Like we did earlier this evening. Kael, you’re my bitch. ^_^


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  • Sprink: @Veng I still have to do the other side of the centaur, and I just stepped foot into Silithis, so I feel like I'm pretty much right on track for Kali
  • Tam: Wow, congratulations. I am far too lazy for this kind of thing - but I love the Darrowshire questline, it's beautiful. And, not being on a PvP server
  • Markus: Good luck! I think I am about 200 quests from completing the Kalimdor portion. Going back to Desolace for those quests just makes me want to hurl.

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