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Dear Blizz: Holiday Achievement Suggestions

Posted on: May 7, 2009

I’d like less PvP in my PvE cheese, Or Sprink Needs to L2BG if she wants the cheese.

This one is totally sparked by the wonderful gnomeaggedon‘s comment in Euripedes‘ blog regarding the Children’s Week PvP achievement.

Suggest that the next round of achievements require you to enter Raid Instances… and achieve something like…

– Die within 10 seconds.
– Wipe at 1%
– Ninja loot an item you can’t use
– Misdirect to Main healer
– Aggro entire raid instance, including bosses and win.

Let’s how many of these I would have completed in the past week…

  • Item 1: Check.
  • Item 2: Check.
  • Item 3: There is no item I can’t use. I’m an enchanter. ~_^
  • Item 4: I don’t think I can do this…
  • Item 5: We’ve done it on the low-level dungeons. Ah, those were good times.

Now, I’m not a stranger to the whole point of achievements. It’s doing things you normally wouldn’t do, it’s going above and beyond, and it’s getting recognized for it. It’s also a way to keep all us 80s in the game once farming has gotten old. Marketing genius, really. Totally been done before, but still, marketing most goodness.

However, some of the holiday achievements make me scratch my head. Winter Veil was the first holiday I could participate in. I started playing back at the beginning of November. I think I was a fresh 40 or 50 back then, happy to have a mount, finally, and kinda geeked about my first holiday. I looked at them all, marking off the ones I wouldn’t be able to do because I was such a low level, and planning for next year finishing them up. Then I got to the one about 50 Honorable Kills as a holiday helper. Not sure if anyone remembers being a mage around 40 or 50, but those were the times of my gankings. Not a day went by where I didn’t spend at least 10 minutes of my day corpse running thanks to some higher level propegating the whole “I was ganked at your level, so I’m going to gank lower levels.” And with battlegrounds being the best place to get those 50 HKs… yeah. I was horrendously undergeared, had no idea what I was doing, and didn’t even get a single kill before I was toasted. I ended up with four achievements. Not bad for a newb.

Lunar Festival was better. The main problem there? Not 80. Couldn’t get into the 80 dungeons, so I decided to half-ass getting the acheivements I could. I ended up that time at 6.

Love Is in the Air? Nine on that baby.

Noblegarden. I rocked that one. Got ALL of the achievements. Titled on both Sprink and Tirralyis.

Which brings us to Children’s Week. I have all the achievements… except School of Hard Knocks and Veteran Nanny. And I will not be getting School of Hard Knocks. I’ll pass, thanks. I’m not a big PvPer, and to be honest, I don’t know how to do anything in any of them other than Arathi Basin… And we only won that one once. I’ve been in a total of six BGs… I know I don’t belong there, and neither does my orphan. I only wanted to show her how much cooler mages were than everyone else, not how much mages get their faces stomped by DKs. ^_^

That said, I’d like to offer up some alternative suggestions for holiday-based achievements (mostly for Children’s Week):

  • Long Walk Off a Short Pier — Fall at least 50 feet with your orphan out without dying.
  • Know the Classics — Defeat three Classic dungeons with your orphan out. (This could potentially give double-ups if you haven’t completed the basic achievement for that dungeon first.)
  • Everyone Loves a Winner — Win in two of the following battlegrounds with your orphan out: AB, AV, EotS, WSG.
  • Field Trip — Complete a daily in old world, Outland, and Northrend with your orphan out.

Anyone have any other suggestions?


6 Responses to "Dear Blizz: Holiday Achievement Suggestions"

Hi Sprink. Best of luck with your blog and welcome to the community.

Thank you very much!

Here’s a toughie, though it isn’t really Holiday related. It would be entertaining nonetheless.

Just by a hair – Go from 100% HP to 1% HP in a single fall.

As for holiday related achievements..

Show off – Win a duel while your orphan is present.

Purple Power – Win a piece of epic loot while your orphan is present.

The titles may need some work haha. Great blog, keept it up! Very fun read 🙂


That first one would be a toughie, but interesting nonetheless. I can just imagine watching people looking for and jumping off these high peaks and hoping they don’t die. ^_^

I really like the duel one. Like, a lot.

The epic one is a neat idea, but I’m not sure how they would implement it. Does that mean you roll on a piece of loot even if you can’t use it? What if you’re the one in there for the achievement, but the bracers that druid really wanted drop? Could cause some trouble with that one. ^_^

I’m loving my new title: “wonderful gnomeaggedon”!

Feel free to keep on using it…

Hey man, I can’t help if it’s true. Rock that title with pride. You earned it. ~_^

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