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Halls of Lightning: Heroic, Round One

Posted on: May 4, 2009

Sprink vs. Loken in The Quest for New Pants! Heaven or Hell, Duel One, Let’s Rock!

So, the usual five-man group and I tried, once again, to down Loken for my epic pants. Oh, and a few things for them, too.

Group consisted of three death knights, a pally healer, and me. For some reason or another, I kept biting it to two of the bosses… totally unusual for me. However, we quickly made it through to Loken himself. Rawr Loken.

Prior to this time, I was a fresh 80 looking for some new gear. I figured it would be no different from the other 5-mans we’d rocked.

Loken is a bitch.

A horrible, horrible bitch.

My dps is currently sitting healthily at the 1700+ mark, a personal best for me. FAR better than my previous runs on this dungeon with 1300 or so.

We had a strat. Tank him on the circle, run on the nova to the bottom of the top set of stairs. Let him come to us. Go back up to the circle again when he novas again. Rinse. Repeat. If only we could all do what our strat actually was. Funny how the second your character’s life is in danger, you go into survival mode, say fuck everyone else, and blow everything you got to stay alive. That, unfortunately, usually fails.

From a mage’s point of view, you have to trust your tank to keep his attention off you. You have to trust your healer to keep you standing, and if you’re expendable, keep everyone else standing. You have to trust that the other dps are going to pull their weight… especially if you go down. It’s all a matter of trust… and even if you run with people you know in the real world, you still have to fight that urge to act like it’s you against everything and just trust in your group. It’s strong, I know. I can’t count how many times I’ve mashed the button to blink out of melee range… even on a non-melee fight.

That kills on Loken. Totally.

However, in a personal best for our group, we’ve gotten him down to 36,000 before wiping. Not bad for some totally not-hardcore not-raiders.


4 Responses to "Halls of Lightning: Heroic, Round One"

Loken is such a pain in the Gnome….

Every group I run with wants to do the “stay on his toes strat”.

I say… I will die… they say, don’t worry you wont…

We start… I die…

Finally got him down with my overgeared mates… no pants… no Gnome, apart from a smoking corpse

The only way for me to make it past the first nova if we stay on his feet is to ice block… which leaves me blatantly open for the next one.

We’ll get him though. Someday. Those pants… they will be mine!

if you were on my server, i’d get you thru. i’m one of those stay on his toes kinda healers, but i ran a group with 2 mages, a priest, myself and a tank and i didnt lose anyone on Loken. a good strategy would be to take a shaman for nature resist totem & heroism or a hunter for that nature aspect for the resistance as all that damage you take from Loken is lightning (nature). good luck on the pants though, i hope you get them soon.

Aww, you’re too sweet. ^_^

I think we’re giving it another try this weekend. Our healer is beyond confident that we can do this, and if my healer’s confident… just point me at the thing you want dead. ~_^

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